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16 wins after 20 games ...

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Interesting stat....


GDG pointed out to me tonight that going into play today only Michigan, Syracuse, Creighton, Gonzaga and Wichita State have more wins that UAlbany.


Through the first 20 games, looking at our more recent seasons and our best season starts here are some numbers..


2005-06 12-8

2006-07 13-7

2008-09 12-8

2011-12 12-8

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I'm honestly very surprised at the results so far. There were a lot of questions going into the season and they've answered all of them for me so far. There is a lot of season left but I'm really excited about where this team is right now. The next 3-4 games will tell us a lot though about the rest of the season. They have really taken care of business so far. They've had one game so far where they REALLY laid an egg, beat some teams they shouldn't have and won some tight games with toughness, heart and execution late in games. Thinking about the 4 losses, OSU, Loyola, Quinnipiac and UVM. Had a really good shot at winning the Loyola game and I felt like should've won the Quinnipiac game. Could easily be 18-2 right now. Crazy.

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Do you remember what our RPI was back in our championship years when we got the TV games?

The year we played Boise St. (2007) our RPI ended up #83 with an SOS of 185, having played Bucknell, UConn, VCU,


The year before we got VCU in the BB, our RPI was #119, SOS 248.

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I think using both RPI and SOS skews it a bit since RPI already helps factor for SOS. And I would be interested in knowing what the RPI/SOS was at the time we were selected for TV games back in 2006 and 2007. I'm sure those games against VCU and UConn..and then Boise State and Virginia..helped trend those factors up a bit by year end.


While our SOS is suffering..our RPI was 121 as of yesterday..so the wins are helping to balance out the weaker SOS. I'm not quite sure I'd call a TV game likely at this point..but I think it will be somewhat difficult to ignore a team with a record like we have. Some of that could obviously change..to the good or the bad..based on the results of the two games we have before pairings are announced this Monday.


Here are some potential match-ups..in my opinion..from the MAAC, MAC, Horizon and Missouri Valley:


Indiana State (47) - 12-6

Akron (68) - 13-4

Valparaiso (84) - 15-5

Northern Iowa (86) - 10-9

Illinois-Chicago (107) - 11-8

Western Michigan (109) - 10-7

Wright State (113) - 14-5

Niagara (141) - 11-8

Fairfield (145) - 10-10

Loyola-Illinois (170) - 11-7

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I would think if they win both games they will get one of the TV slots. It is bracketbusters, not RPI busters. In other words, a goal is to showcase teams that have a good shot to be in the ncaa bracket and a shot to Bust that bracket(beat a bigger more named opponent) not just go on RPI. Yeah Vermont and SBU(who is not an eligble team for BB) have a good shot also of being the AE ncaa tourney champ. But I don't think there are 22 (or whatever they put in the TV games now) teams in the field with better crediantials under the goals of "bracket buster"

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