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And the new UAlbany Head Football Coach is......

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This is a HUGE decision for the school. Keeler obviously has shown that he can recruit and win at THIS level. I understand that things seem to have gone south for him at Delaware at some point. PurpFam seems personally adamant about not hiring him - I am very curious as to why. I have read what's out there - ego, personality clash, alienating fanbase, etc. In the grand scheme of the negative crap that comes out at some football programs, these vague statements about Keeler do not seem extremely damning. Sure, the guy won 2 championships; and sure, the guy seems to have let his ego get the better of him - this happens; can an employer and employee rub each other the wrong way after a number of years - sure, especially when one starts to think he is too important. All of that said, I am sure he has been humbled and clearly is entitled to another shot(and will certainly get it somewhere). What I want to know is concretely what he did wrong - terrible graduation rate or team GPA? bullying? abuse or neglect of the fanbase? NCAA violations? abysmal recruiting record?


I have no dog in this fight, and don't need to go from worst to first in a year or two, but before we write off a guy who on paper looks like he could bring instant credibility(and recruits) to this program, I need a lot more substantive and confirmed information. Please enlighten.

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My feeling is we have a candidate who has ties to Albany that already has roots and a ton invested in the program. He is young an energetic probably looking to find a school where he can stay. He has won at a place with fewer resources and won consistently. I have already stated my concerns about Keeler. Just being around reputable guys that have worked or interviewed with him, he's not a great guy and don't think he brings anything to the table over Rossomando who has proven himself.

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Fair enough - I just wanted to make sure we were not missing anything. To his credit, the article indicated that Keeler "graduated kids, ran a clean program with very few off-field issues and was active in the community." Rossamando may be a very good candidate as well - both seem to be solid options for different reasons and I imagine whomever is deemed to be a better fit will get the nod.


do we have any reliable intel that both are interested in the job and that we are in fact interested in interviewing them?

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In today's T-U story, Keeler issues a non-denial - "I don't want to say" http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Danes-may-have-sights-set-on-coach-5000347.php


Unfortunately the Hen House only goes back one year, so I couldn't look up the comments from when Keeler got fired. He had a rep for getting I-A transfers, don't know if he really got that many more than other top programs. There were "personality" rumors, stuff like stiffing caddies and waiters, arguing with school officials, but who knows the reliability of forum information. If hired, you can only hope the firing taught him some humility.

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I personally would love to get Pete back at UAlbany. I think he's more than proven his abilities. On the other point, about having instant success, I am willing to have steady improvement, we really have no where to go but up. The new scholarships really don't start to kick in until next year, as most of them red shirted. Those and some more additional next year, and a few transfers should pay some dividends soon.

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The fact that we are having football conversations in the beginning of basketball season is great and does show the new direction of the program.


Let me be clear on my stance of KC Keeler. I am aware that he has a "bad reputation" among others that know him or worked for him and I do trust PurFam18's knowledge of the situation. Like Dane 85 stated he is probably going to be a completely different animal when given his second shot and if it were at UA I think it would be a great hire. My only point with Keeler is he does have the ability to ramp up the program fast and has won after the NC team had graduated. If Rossomundo, who I don't know much about or if Bill Parcell's comes out of retirement I don't care who is coaching. We need a winner fast and I hear the groans out there already but the facts are we cant be slow coming out of the gate.


When Chuck Priore got the SBU job he was very successful at Tufts or Middlebury or wherever he coached. He was given the keys to SBU with a new stadium and the promise of 63 rides. It took Chuck 3-4 years to build a winner and trust me when I tell you after his second 5-6 season there was some heat under his desk chair in his office. Fact! He had everything a coach could want and they were struggling. He got it turned around after 4 years and the rest is history. I don't think the Capital District and the CAA are going to be as forgiving as Long Island or the NEC was for Chuck.


Now with all that said I will support any coach be it Rossomundo or Keeler as long as they are not planning on building a winner in 5 years.

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