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Recruiting - 2019

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Usually feel good about the fall commits since it seems the staff really got the guys they wanted. 

From a fan's perspective, it's fun to get early commits so we can watch them over the course of the season. ESPN was showing Iowa high school basketball on ESPN3 so we could probably watch Trey Hutcheson. I remember watching Dallas in the state finals on ESPN a few years ago.


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Over the weekend, Mitch Doherty's team beat a team from Vermont and Trey Hutcheson beat a team called the Saints.

Hutcheson had 31 points in a 5 overtime game. (Yes, five.) Doherty was the Blackburn Tournament MVP with a win over Vermont Academy.

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5 minutes ago, godanesgo99 said:

Interesting. Officially there are no spots left for next season. I assume that means Brown already knows someone will not be back. 


My guess is Brooks and obviously Starks has a likely career ender...so one of them...Hutcheson and Doherty will take Campbell and Miller's spots.

Brooks is just way too small it seems. So if Starks somehow sticks around medically, Brooks is my pick.

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Added Mustafa:

UAlbany Men's Roster 2019-2020					
Name				Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Brent Hank			C		6'10"	245	RSo.		Returning
Kendall Lauderdale		PF		6'8"	240	RSr. (JUCO)	Returning
Sasha French			PF		6'11"	215	RJr. (JUCO)	Returning
Adam Lulka			PF		6'8"	240	RSo.		Returning
Mitch Doherty			PF		6'7"	180	Fr.		Returning
Malachi de Sousa		SF		6'5"	200	So.		Returning
Nikola Jerotic			SF		6'7"	215	So.		Returning
Trey Hutcheson**		SF		6'5"	-	Fr.		Incoming
Phillip Flory			SG		6'5"	195	Jr.		Returning
Ahmad Clark			PG		6'1"	170	Sr. (JUCO)	Returning
Reese Brooks			PG		5'9"	170	RSr. (JUCO)	Returning
Cam Healey			PG		6'2"	185	RSo.		Returning
Antonio Rizzuto			PG		6'3"	180	So.		Returning
Nick Fruscio			PG		5'10"	155	Sr.		Returning

Possible Signings		Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Isaiah Jones**			PF		6'8"	240	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Mitch Doherty**			PF		6'7"	-	Fr.		Offered
Sam Baker**			SG		6'4"	170	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Marvens Petion**		SG		6'6"	200	Fr.		Offered
Gerald Drumgoole**		PG		6'5"	195	Fr.		Offered
Mustafa Lawrence**		PG		6'0"	186	Jr. (JUCO)	Offered
Greg Dolan**			PG		6'3"	170	Fr.		Offered
--------------------------------- Going Elsewhere ------------------------------------
Joseph Girard III**		PG		6'1"	170	HS2019		Syracuse
Isaiah Stevens**		PG		5'10"	N/A	HS2019		Colorado State
Jarod Lucas**			PG		6'3"	170	HS2019		Oregon State
August Mahoney**		PG		6'2"	165	HS2019		Yale
Possible Departures	Reason
Departures	Reason
Devonte Campbell	Graduated
Rayshawn Miller		Graduated


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