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Recruiting - 2018

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No doubt they could be suspect, and that is an advertisement for a personal trainer, but the bigger thing is that he appears to be able to handle the ball well for a big man. 

This year is going to be a crapshoot, but I am really excited to see the team play. 

I know it's sad to admit this, but I actually had a dream about the team a few weeks ago. Cremo and Nichols had left because Will Brown had gone all "Blue Chips" bringing in ringers and they left to get playing time elsewhere. Funny to think Villanova and Florida State meant more playing time. LOL. But Brown went 10 deep, all 10 were on an all AE team in some capacity (1st, 2nd, third, defensive, or rookie) and the team made it to the final four.

Obviously pipe dream, gotta keep expectations in check, and I'll be happy with a top 3 finish in the league. Being an obsessed fan is great. ? 

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I'm curious to see what Sasha French looks like. I can't seem to find any recent video of him. If 6'11" is true, we could have a solid big man lineup. Have we had someone that close to being a 7 footer since Zoellner? Big Rich, John Puk, and Brent Hank are all 6'10". Am I forgetting someone?

Plenty of size on the team this season:

SF: Campbell (6-6), de Sousa (6-6)

PF: Lulka (6-8), Lauderdale (6-8)

C: French (6-11), Hank (6-10)

Brown can even throw some other big bodies out there as well. I don't know if we have seen this much size in the AE in a while.

SG: Flory (6-5), Rizzuto (6-3)

PG: Healy (6-3), Starks (6-2)

(leaving Clark and Miller at 6-1, Fruscio at 5-10, and Brooks at 5-9) 

With the smaller guys, could probably run a small line up as well with 1. Brooks, 2. Clark, 3. Flory, 4. Campbell, 5. Lulka or something like that.

Gotta temper those expectations lol.



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Brett Gifford was listed at 6'11"... 2006-07 through 2009-10.

FWIW..in the team intro video clips being posted online by Athletics..Rizzuto, Healy and Flory all introduced themselves as a "shooting guard." Miller introduced himself as a "guard." And Brooks introduced himself as a "point guard." Neither Clark's nor Starks' videos have been published yet. 

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Here you go: Clark was one of the first done. I haven't seen Starks, Fruscio, or French yet. I think they are doing 1 per day. The women's team was done last week. 

Here are the intro's so far:









de Sousa: 





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Looks like they added French today, but they state that this is "rounding out the team"? Did they forget to post Starks, or is it possible he isn't with the team? Also no Fruscio, but that is potentially because he is a walk-on? Both are still listed on the roster on the ualbanysports page.



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If true that really sucks for him. He looked talented. I wish him the best in recovery. He still has UA on his twitter feed.

As far as Jerotic goes, he was previously signed by Southern Miss, and they were very high on him. Might be a great 'filler' signing. Wonder what happened there and why that didn't work out for him.

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