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@Stony Brook 1/8

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TU+ game story

Before the UAlbany basketball team left town for snowy Stony Brook on Saturday afternoon, coach Will Brown's opinion on the way the Danes play defense hadn't changed.
It still stinks.
"If we have to masquerade our defense and play three different zones and a little bit of man-to-man, we are not going to be any good in my opinion."

Stony Brook likes to take the 3-point shot (the Seawolves are averaging 25 attempts per game, making eight) and that has been something the Danes have been very poor in defending so far this season. UAlbany has allowed an average of eight 3-pointers a game. Against UMass Lowell, the River Hawks seemed to be left open all night long from long distance and made 12. That was the eighth time this year the Danes have given up 10 or more 3-point baskets this season. They have lost five of those games.

Brown was not going to say everything was fixed after two practices following the UMass Lowell loss.
"We'll find out (Sunday)," Brown said. "You can do as many drills as you want, but it has to carry over to the games.
Brown was still sticking to his comment that this team is the worst he has ever had defensively in the 16 years he has been coaching the Danes.
"The numbers don't lie," said sophomore guard David Nichols. "We let (UMass Lowell) shoot 64 percent (for the game). The defense, as (Brown) says, was horrible."
"It's our biggest weakness right now," said junior forward Greig Stire. "It's unacceptable."

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A few of the threes were open, but SBU not shooting like Lowell, only 15% from three at the half.


DeVonte Campbell appearance.


8 assists, 7 turnovers at the half. Outrebounding SB 19-11. Sixteen points off turnovers, 9 second-chance points, 24 in the paint vs. 6 for SBU.


Today's announcer complaint: said Albany is in the "maroon" uniforms. Purple and maroon are both combinations of blue and red, the proportions are very different.

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If I were Coach, I would be pulling whatever hair I have left out of my head.


SBU is playing much better this half but...this team lacks heart. Totally lacks heart. It's a bunch of defensively lazy guys...it's disgusting how lazy they are as a unit. Someone (a player...not a coach) needs to get pissed off. What we have seen in all of our close games and / or losses...is the lack of a rah rah in your face guy like Rowley or Hooley.


Just shaking my head. Even offensively...team is so fundamentally unsound.


ZERO PLAYER LEADERSHIP!!! ZERO. I am so disappointed in the so-called captains.


21-0 run. Got to be kidding.

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OK, I'm not wasting my time watching this train wreck of a team until they get their heads out of their @#!@ and back in to the game. Absolutely the most ridiculous loss I've ever seen by them. 21-0 run to end the game!!

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Worst half I've ever seen from a UA basketball team. I get Nichols must be hurt and that was why he was out (?). But that is no excuse for a 21-0 run at the end. They are D1 players with scholarships...they should be able to make a basket...

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