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Recruiting - 2020

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Anyone have any updates on the last ship? A couple interesting offers out there....

DeMarcus Morris, 6'8" PF and Christian Hinckson, 6'7" SF are the two most likely targets on verbal commits, but it seems that VC doesn't seem to have as up to date info this season.

Grad transfer Taurean Thompson might be my top target based on who is publicly immediately eligible in the transfer portal, but some other interesting names are: Kodye Pugh, Gorjok Gak, and Jeriah Horne. All of those guys would probably go higher, but any of them could make an impact in the AE.



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Jarvis Doles, a 6'9 PF from Drexel has cut his list to four schools and will decide in the next few weeks. Albany, Alabama A+M, Robert Morris  and Alcorn State are the final four. Doles is a grad transfer with two years left to play.

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Definitely fills the teams biggest need with size. Looks like he only played 5 games last year. I am guessing he was injured? 

Started 10 games as a freshman, and came off the bench as a sophomore. Only averaged about 11 minutes per game throughout his career.  "Per 40 minutes" and "per 100 Poss" stats actually look pretty good. Probably won't be a star as the CAA isn't that much of an upgraded league, but I have to imagine he would be a huge help to the team if he is healthy considering the current roster construction. UA is probably pretty attractive to him considering there is nothing to stop him from getting lots of playing time except himself. 

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So 3 guys that are traditional "big" sizes at 6'8" or higher. It doesn't really matter much in the AE, but the non conference and any potential post season could be tough against bigger teams.

If healthy, all 3 should get significant time. I am hoping Hank can add a little offensively this season. He has the body. Lulka showed a lot before his injuries, and Doles showed promise in the CAA.

I'm already excited for this season, but need to keep expectations low. On paper they have the talent to be the top team in a "Lambless" AE, but with most of the team retooled again it's probably anyone's guess.

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Looks like we've added SF William Kondrat to the roster as a non-scholarship player. Kondrat is transferring in from Niagara Community College. If I'm reading it right, I think Kondrat went to the same high school as Travis Charles, so I like him already.

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Been a while since I looked at my spreadsheet. Here is the update with Verbal Commits as the source:

UAlbany Men's Roster 2020-2021					
Name			Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Adam Lulka		C		6'8"	240	RJr.		Returning
Brent Hank		C		6'10"	245	RJr.		Returning
Jarvis Doles		PF		6'9"	215	Jr. (Grad)	Incoming
Trey Hutcheson		PF		6'5"	195	So.		Returning
Kellon Taylor		SF		6'6"	215	Sr. (Grad)	Incoming
Antonio Rizzuto		SF		6'3"	180	Jr.		Returning
Cam Healey		SG		6'2"	185	RJr.		Returning
CJ Kelly		SG		6'5"	190	Jr. (JUCO)	Incoming
Jamel Horton		SG		6'4"	190	Jr. (JUCO)	Incoming
Sam Shafer		SG		6'6"	190	RSo.		Returning
Chuck Champion		PG		6'4"	185	Sr. (Grad)	Incoming
JoJo Anderson		PG		6'3"	170	Sr.		Returning
Will Amica		PG		6'0"	160	Fr.		Incoming
(WO) Jackson Brown	SG		6'3"	185	Fr.		Incoming
(WO) Will Kondrat	SF		6'7"	200	Jr. (JUCO)	Incoming					
Possible Signings		Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Nick Spinoso**			PF		6'9"	235	Fr.		Offered
Benjamin Griscti**		PF		6'11"	210	Fr.		Offered
Jakorie Smith**			SF		6'6"	220	RSo. (JUCO)	Offered
Amarri Tice**			SF		6'5"	205	Fr.		Offered
Latik Murphy**			SG		6'4"	-	RSo. (JUCO)	Offered
Malcolm Whitlow**		PG		6'1"	190	RSo. (JUCO)	Offered
Dakari Johnson**		PG		6'0"	175	RSo. (JUCO)	Offered
Jordan Guest***			PF		6'9"	220	Jr. (JUCO)	Lincoln Memorial
Elias King**			PF		6'9"	200	Jr. (JUCO)	Quinnipiac
Jake Cook****			PF		6'10"	165	Fr.		LIU
Manel Ayol**			SF		6'7"	187	Jr. (JUCO)	Hawaii
Meikkel Murray**		SF		6'6"	190	Jr. (JUCO)	Central Michigan
DeAndre Robinson**		SF		6'6"	200	Jr. (JUCO)	Idaho
Isaac Chatman****		SG		6'6"	175	Jr. (JUCO)	North Alabama
DeAndre Gholston**		SG		6'5"	210	Jr. (JUCO)	Milwaukee
Aidan Carpenter**		SG		6'5"	185	Fr.		Siena
Shane O'Dell**			SG		6'4"	-	Fr.		St. Rose
Jayden Stone****		SG		6'3"	175	Fr.		Grand Canyon
Eric Reed, Jr.**		PG		6'2"	190	Jr. (JUCO)	SE Missouri St.
Yahel Hill**			PG		6'0"	150	Jr. (JUCO)	Cleveland State
Jalen Moore**			PG		6'0"	-	Jr. (JUCO)	Oakland
Jalen Harris***			PG		6'1"	180	Jr. (JUCO)	Cal State Fullerton
Mardrez McBride**		PG		6'3"	175	Jr. (JUCO)	North Texas
Donovan Newby**			PG		6'0"	170	Fr.		Milwaukee
Nate Shockey**			PG		6'2"	160	Fr.		North Dakota
Noah Hutchins***		PG		6'0"	160	Fr.		Rice				

Departures		Reason				
Malachi de Sousa	Transferred			
Rian Carter		Transferred					
Sasha French		Early Graduation
Mitch Doherty		Personal Reasons
Jeremiah Starks		Career Ending Injury				
Ahmad Clark		Graduated				
Kendall Lauderdale	Graduated				
Romani Hansen		Graduated				
Nick Fruscio		Graduated (Non-Scholarship)


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We'd be talked about as recruiting Shane O'Dell at one point. He's a freshman at St. Rose. In his first game yesterday against one of the better D2 teams in the country - 23 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks. 

We could have used some of that a little further up Western Ave. last night.

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On 6/8/2020 at 10:09 PM, Dane Pound said:

Jarvis Doles, a 6'9 PF from Drexel has cut his list to four schools and will decide in the next few weeks. Albany, Alabama A+M, Robert Morris  and Alcorn State are the final four. Doles is a grad transfer with two years left to play.

Albany looks like the best choice to me.....

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