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2022 - 2023 MBB Schedule

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TU - UAlbany looks to establish 'tough,' 'gritty' identity

Killings’ biggest concerns out of those games are the team’s defense — “we have to be better in the half court” — and conditioning, so the team can play the fast-paced game he wants.

The latter relies on getting — and keeping — the players healthy. Sophomore forward Justin Neely, last year’s America East Rookie of the Year, missed both exhibition games with a shoulder injury, and so did junior guard Edmead (ankle). Junior guard Will Amica played against Skidmore but not Saint Rose (groin). 

Killings said everyone will be available for practice this weekend, and the staff will evaluate them for Monday’s game. 

“I’m optimistic that we can have everybody available, but got to see how their bodies respond to the individual injuries. Nothing that’s going to prevent them from playing during the season

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On 10/7/2022 at 2:44 PM, dslyank said:

Can anyone share a link to where you can see your current status and how they calculated the points?

Got an email a couple of days ago which basically said the "PRIORITY" program and SEFCU seating will be totally redone next year. It did not give any details, but basically was a plea for money. It said no GDAC "preferred seating gift"  was required this year as all seats at HVCC were general admission. It did suggest that it would behove people to still donate to GDAC as money was greatly needed. It did not say, but I think implied a non donation might affect ones priority standing when redone next year.

I was so angered by this, I trashed the email. If anyone has the email, I would appreciate if you could post it here for ALL to see.

I have continued paying my GDAC all through covid and even paid the usual GDAC seat fee's this year even though not required. Maybe I am being too sensitive or reading too much into the announcement about re-seating and priority status for next year. But I along with a number of other "long timers" and with Justin Brown's understanding and support, were instrumental in getting longevity and history a part of the original GDAC priority program started when Casey stadium opened. Believe it or not the original program put forth by Benson was strictly how much you gave "TODAY." 

I do not want to fight that battle again; and like I said maybe I read the email wrong; or hopefully they learned the first time that longevity of seat "ownership" and donation history means MUCH. So if anyone has the email, please post so ALL can be aware and not have to rely on my interpretation  or mis-interpretation of it. THANKS

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Dear UAlbany Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holders,

We’re all excited to begin the 2022-23 home basketball season – one of transition for UAlbany Athletics and our men’s and women’s teams. The renovations to SEFCU Arena are moving along as planned. We’re looking forward to hosting our home games and other events on campus beginning November, 2023.

Thank you for purchasing season tickets this year. Your support is essential to the continued growth and development of our programs.

We will be restructuring the GDAC program and re-seating the arena for the 2023-24 season. For the current season, while there is no donation requirement since there is no preferred seating or parking at HVCC, we hope that you consider making a giftto UAlbany Athletics, preferably to the Great Dane Athletics account which is our greatest need. Gifts to UAlbany Athletics help support the significant needs of our 500+ student-athletes. Thank you if you have already made a gift this year.

Note: Annual contributors to GDAC will receive priority when we re-seat the renovated arena.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season at HVCC and are so appreciative of the college’s partnership with us. There will be concessions available at the McDonough Sports Complex. In lieu of Turf Hotel Courtside Corner we will be hosting several pre-game gatherings at an establishment or two in the HVCC area. Be on the lookout for further details soon.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out – either by phone (cell preferred) or email.

Go Danes!



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I haven't made my GDAC donation yet this year with not renewing my football seats. I did buy my basketball tickets again, just haven't made an additional donation as of yet, although I do plan on it before the end of the year.

That said, it would be pretty bush league for me to not be able to get seats in the similar area to my current seats if my priority was too low based on my donation amount. I've sat in the same seats since the 14/15 season and absolutely love my location. 

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2 hours ago, tnehurley said:

In bold print for a reason, the phrase “annual contributors” seems to put an emphasis on the word annual, as in every year, THIS year included. We’ve made our usual annual donation, will do so next year, and we’ll see what happens. 

Thanks for posting the email. I also have made "my annual" football contribution and recently did basketball and always add a few more dollar during Lacrosse season. What concerned me about the email was: "restructuring the GDAC program".  As for re-seating the arena, of course they would have to do so, since the configuration is different. But IMHO seat preference's should be based on "ownership" and duration and IMHO should have nothing to do with GDAC donation amounts. Like you say we'll see what happens.

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52 minutes ago, tnehurley said:

You’re welcome. After re-reading the e-mail I can understand your concern about restructuring the GDAC program. That word could mean anything, from a slight tinkering to a major overhaul of the current system. Either way, as we all know, money talks. Unfortunate but true.

Mark is just looking for ways to dig deeper in our pockets.

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42 minutes ago, cwdickens said:

Mark is just looking for ways to dig deeper in our pockets.

Obviously. But I have a certain budget for my games . 

And if the way they have run football is the example, I don't think I will have to worry about there not being a seat for me. 

If I am wrong on my assumption , there will always be hockey to see December and January and college baseball and lacrosse starting in February.

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On 8/31/2022 at 9:42 AM, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

This is a fantastic schedule if you're trying to raise the profile of the program. Have we ever had this "money games" a schedule?

After this evening;s nightmare  ... cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store

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