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Binghamton @ UA

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A quick look at the numbers....


Rebounding - We are one of the better rebounding teams in the country....on the offensive end we are rated 15th in the country and in the defensive rebounding category we are ranked 22nd. Bing is a mediocre rebounding team 171 and 212....hopefully we can continue to have our way with opponents on the glass. In the UVM game Bing and UVM both had 38 rebounds, seeing how we killed UVM yesterday on the boards, this bodes well for UA. Gotta still go out there and get it done on the glass but you gotta like our chances.


I'm hopeful that we broke out of our slump on the offensive end against UVM....hopefully the good shooting can continue. It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff schemes against Rivera, I haven't seen him yet but apparently he has no business being in the AE, he's that good. We shall see!


The other key to the game the way I see it is that we have to watch our TO's....Bing comes up with allot of steals (ranked 90th in the country) and from what I've read and seen they are very athletic so they can break out and score quickly in transition. 20TO's yesterday is a bit to high....6 from Anthony. Gotta watch those.

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Is this the first time Brown and Broadus have met since the handshake game?


Yes...the handshake incident happened in Binghamton which was the second meeting of the season between the two teams.

I heard they spent a weekend at the Cape together.

Broadus is a hoodlum.

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From the TU Blog -

"Raffa seemed to enjoy his first go-around with the vocal Patrick Gymnasium crowd, especially when some fans screamed for a traveling call after Raffa scored on a fast-break layup in the second half.


“I feed off the crowd a little bit,” Raffa said. “There are a few trash-talking, but you can’t do nothing about it. I’m just playing … I just waved and smiled. That’s about it. But it’s a good atmosphere to play in.”




I was sitting on the Vermont side right behind Wyland and the play by play guys. After the "three step" layup the UVM fans were getting all over the ref about the no call. Raffa came near the scorer's table and yells. "Keep it coming. I feed off of it!!" to the fans. NYR and I sort of shook are heads. Interesting to hear his version of things.


It appears we have our own version of hot head Mike Trimboli here at UA. (That is..... minus the tears and inability to hit a big shot.)

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He is as advertised.


He is talented and a tough, hard nose, fearless competitor ( he's also a little wacky).


He can be viewed as confident , cocky or arrogant. It all matters who the observer is.


One thing for sure is that he is a freshman and therefore he has alot to learn.


With that said, he is one of the more talented freshman we have ever had.


If his overall game improves and he learns not to allow opposing players to bait him he will be a very, very good player ay UA.

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As to the Binghamton game, I imagine the "artic blast" of cold weather will be here around game time. I wonder if the school has ever given thought to using a shuttle bus from the Dutch Lot, where many fans park, to the entrace of the SEFCU Arena.


Though I never minded the walk from the Dutch Quad parking lot when I parked there, it sure does get cold on those harsh winter nights during our Conference schedule. I'm worried that the cold weather tomorrow will dissuade people from coming to the game. Shuttle vehicle(s) could be a reall neat and easy idea to implement. It would probably be better to have smaller vehicles and more of them so people don't have to board a vehicle and sit there for a few minutes while it fills up. Thoughts?

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