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[FB] Game 9 - @ Stony Brook - 11/4 - 1PM

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Next game is against 6-2 SBU. We'll probably get pounded. Playoff hopes were dashed today so IMO they should play younger guys for development purposes...doubt it'll happen. We'll do nothing differently because that's the MO of this team and we'll expect another result...

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gg should step down now. Turn the team over to an interim and begin new coach search right away! 4 straight loses and no sign of fight except among themselves. He has lost this team. Florida's coach stepped down, after 3 straight loses and is owed a hell of a lot more money than gg. If he does not leave now and loses {likely} the next three; axe him. He has not earned another year. If need be use some of the 10 million from Casey to buy out his last year.


Get rid of all the old timers & high priced assistants. Bring in some young stud coach who can relate to today's game and athletes. I liked Aaron Smith who I thought was the best assistant the program had in the gg era.

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I have to disagree on this game. If we have one game left to play for pride this is the one and I hope it shows. Stony Brook has six wins and probably needs eight for the playoffs with three games left. I don't want Albany to be one of those wins they need.

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I love how it's ALL the offensive line. Look over there...it's their fault...




Who's fault is it that they went into the year with 4 new OL starters? What they didn't know those four would graduate? What they didn't think about bringing in a transfer, a JUCO something to shore up that line and now they want to pin the season on that line? So what happened in the 3 wins? As the season has gone on...the line is getting WORSE? And NO ONE on the staff takes responsibility for that? Let's throw the kids under the buss. Cowards! The whole lot of them!


In the meantime, even when the QB does have time, with the exception of 2 games, he's looked like complete dog-$iena! The man throws like this...There was a glimmer of hope and then it vanished.



THIS is a QB they went into the season with, forget him, look at the entire QB depth chart? The guy can't make a single throw, the other backup...we don't even know IF he can throw because the only play they feel safe enough to let him run is a half a yard scramble up the middle. Gattusso has been here for going on half a decade, he can't find OR develop a QB.


I'm not buying any of it, I know they have no money to fire him but next year should be his last year. The guy hasn't won anything, the part that hurts the most is that his behavior and that of his staff is unbecoming of leaders of men. It's always deflect blame elsewhere. Time for excuses is over.

I've had enough! Mr. Gattuso, you blocked me on twitter but if you or someone on your staff reads this...leave Blitz behind...you...



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Who's fault is it that they went into the year with 4 new OL starters? What they didn't know those four would graduate?




I agree with your entire post except for this line. No matter what they would have 4 new OL starters. Those 4 that graduated were out of eligibility. I get they could've went for a transfer but that player(s) would've been a new starter. They obviously thought these kid could handle it and is why they recruited them. They played fairly well early in the year but seems teams have figured out how to beat them and the coaching staff has no adjusted one bit.

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These videos are cringy IMO, especially given our $iena performance as of late




Watch them win this game...



They posted a similar video before the URI game: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/923988288255520773

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