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Cremo nichols leave...

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We need to move on. These guys are history. Due to the lack of winning anything that mattered when they were here, they are irrelevant and just former UA players. They will never be talked about like Wilson, Iati, Hooley, Rowley, etc. In 20 years no one will remember these two...while the others will be remembered 50 years from now. 

Hell, Suero is more memorable than those guys and he was here for a year. Dude was an offensive sight to behold. 

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7 hours ago, godanesgo99 said:

Be negative all you want, and no we didn't win any chips with them on the roster, but both represented the university well winning all conference awards and all academic awards. Now they will both be providing the program with untold amounts of free advertising every time someone does a story on their new teams, every time they get into a game. I read somewhere that the free advertising value of a trip to the final for a school is measured in 10 figures. UA wont get close to that if either Villanova or Florida State makes it to the final 4 in marketing value, but would definitely get a piece of that as UA would be mentioned dozens, if not hundreds of times during the tournament. 

Let's look at the positives.  

Hooley’s game winning shot winning the AE and invitation to the NCAAs got us about a week of exposure.  These ex Danes gaining playing time won’t do $iena.   I seriously doubt they get any playing time.  

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On 3/31/2018 at 8:25 PM, godanesgo99 said:

Some Louisville fans suggesting Cremo is their starting SG for next year if he were to play there.

Obviously it is just several fans, but the common wisdom has always been that the top AE players would only get mop up time in the big conferences. I think 5-10 minutes in the A10 is a comment that was thrown around.

I'll be interested to see how it plays out. Where they land, and how much play they get. I don't think either would leave if they didn't think they would be a major piece wherever they go. You don't transfer from a starring role to sit the bench unless it's for academic reasons.

Joe's slow push shot from the hip will get blocked all day long in a power conference. Let him enjoy a ride with the big boys but there is no part of his game ready for prime time.


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12 hours ago, jalidanefan said:

Joe's slow push shot from the hip will get blocked all day long in a power conference. Let him enjoy a ride with the big boys but there is no part of his game ready for prime time.


There’s only one way we will find out, but he did ok against most of the big time programs he went up against. I doubt anyone is expecting him to set the world on fire, but he does bring skills, senior experience and determination to get better. Plus, at a P5 level he will not be drawing so much of the other team’s attention. I’m not rooting or betting against his succeeding at VU. It’ll be fun to watch. Why so negative?

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I read the other day that Cremo suffered a facial injury and may not play in the first few games...  



When Cremo chose Villanova over Kansas, Texas and Creighton, he gave Wright another veteran presence to help set the tone on a younger-skewing roster as well as a heady player he could trust to play multiple spots on the perimeter. Although just when he will get to do so remains to be seen; a facial injury suffered during a scrimmage could force Cremo to miss some of the season’s early action. “We’re getting everything that we need out of it,” Wright says of Cremo’s transfer, referring to the influence he has already had within the program. “I want him to get everything that he wants out of it.”


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