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Cremo nichols leave...

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And I’ll add that as a former collegiate athlete if I was given the opportunity to go compete for a top ranked team and possibly help them compete for championships, up to a national championship, experience the sport at the highest level, be on TV every weekend, I know what I’d do.  And wether everybody wants to admit it they’d do the same.

To root against these young men is childish at best.

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I don't think anyone is/was rooting for them to actually fail. Not sure I ever said, "I hope he goes there and sucks'. If I did, it was probably very early right after The Decision and I regret those words lol.

Some of us said it wouldn't end well and it didn't (from a basketball-on-the-hardwood only perspective - not an environment or life experience perspective - I'm sure attending Villanova was a great experience). That's all that I am personally picking fun at. From a basketball-on-the-hardwood perspective, he couldn't have made a worse decision. I mean...come on...'Ice-Cremo'. Hilarious. Ice-Cremo could have been Joe-Legend.

Again, I think you people are confusing the feelings portrayed in some of the posts (mine and others). No one wanted them to actually fail or get hurt or anything like that. But we watched the guy for 3 years. We knew his game. And we said he wouldn't cut it at that level. He didn't. We were right. Maybe it is childish. Doesn't bother me if you think so.

More power to him (them) on their next phase of their careers.

Anyway, I'm out. I'll stop commenting here as we're just beating a dead horse. Promise :).

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47 minutes ago, tnehurley said:

Interesting article. He said all the right things and he had a great experience for him. He won't admit it publicly, I'm sure, but at the end of the day, while leaving UA and trying his game at a higher level might have been the right move, Villanova wasn't the right fit for him. His game was always crafty moves in the paint and drives to the basket that opened up the 3 point shot. In the Villanova system, he became a spot up shooter and was mostly uninvolved in the offense. His defense was surprisingly good. His peripherals and effort were great, but he was never able to do what he does best on the offensive end, so he never got into the flow. It killed him. His shot release was lightning fast, but if the other team knows you are just a shoot guy, then I don't care how quick your release is. There are many other teams in that conference or others where he could have done much better. 

I'm happy he got the opportunity. Happy he will have one of the strongest job resumes post college of anyone in the country. He will get a job wherever he wants if he hangs up his sneakers and doesn't attempt to play pro in Europe. 

Had he stayed, UA would have been much better, and his name would end up as an all-time great here, but as others have said, he will always be a side note here. Not sure he and David both wearing purple and gold another season would have been enough to beat UVM and dance for the Danes.

If you ever read this: Thanks for the memories Joe. Good luck in whatever path you take in life.

As for David Nichols: hopefully the injury isn't too bad and he can contribute to Florida State in the sweet 16 and do the #purplefam proud. I have them losing in the Final 4 in a few of my brackets to Duke in an ACC championship rematch. 

Great experience for both of them. Glad to have met them both and I enjoyed rooted for them for 4 years.

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This post right here.  Yes.  That’s exactly all I meant.  Publicly, Joe stated a couple of things (or Zac) inclusive of A) getting to be better to play pro ball; and B- not being a team’s spot up shooter as the sole focus. 

On those two goals alone, it’s a failure. His time at Nova accomplished neither.  I am an acquaintance of Jay through people, and he’s a great guy to play for and a better human.  I think he’s not lying with anything he said about Joe and vice versa from Joe about his time there.  

His move certainly accomplished a ton if he wanted to play in the NCAA Tourney, get a taste of the big time, and get a second degree from a phenomenal school, all while living somewhere other than the place he knew for 21 years.  Kudos. 

But on those other two stated goals, which are biggies, I let the evidence speak for itself.

However, by no means did I ever mean my post to be angry, condoning, etc.  He was and is always free to make choices, and I support anyone’s choices so long as they are legal.  I wish him the best...but I don’t think that this was a smart move in the end based on two huge goals. That’s my personal opinion 

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On 3/25/2019 at 7:36 PM, cwdickens said:

Only Joe has to reconcile whether the journey was worth the price and he may not know the answer for years to come.

Did anyone have the opportunity to listen Joe's interview with Roger Wyland today? I know Joe had a work-out with a NBA team.

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