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12 hours ago, jimbo said:


Its my understanding that the coaches in many of the other less attendedsports work on a year to year basis, but get a one year severance if fired. So give him a year and start the process.

Does Albany have $200,000 plus?

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For those including Benson who think one more year will change anything. It may bit reality is it probably won't. Year over year and we have a half a decade of proof the program is getting less competitive not more, worse twlent not better, lower iq not higher as evident by penalties. He still has no offensive or defensive line, corners and safeties are borderline non d1 talent. Qb situation is a disaster with no end in sight. Skill positions have talent but with weak qb play and no oline...who cares.

Seriously, where is he gonna find a qb, what we have and had is trash. That in itself will seriously cap ceiling for next year. Anything short of a winning overall and winning caa record should result in immediate firing. Enough with the leash!

This team is many miles away from being even decent. Next season maybe better (let's face it can't get worse) but keeping him is delaying the inevitable. What more proof is needed that this man is a complete loser through and through as a football coach. Nothing will change... He loses like its his job.

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What is so frustrating to me is how anyone could give a vote of confidence in this regime. They talk about a 5 or 6 year build. What are you building when the team is worse at the end of the 5 years? Your first year was 7-5 and should have been 6-6 without the bonehead Holy Cross playcall at the end of that game. Your best year was 2016,with a senior laden Ford-recruited O line. Hand it off to Hanks and let the big boys go to work. It covered up the bad QB play. Once the O line graduated its been down hill ever since. 4-4 to 2-6 to 1-7 or 0-8 in conference. Ahhh, whats the use. Even a 60-0 blowout wont pry GG out of Albany.

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This season has been a major disappointment no question. I really thought with this powderpuff schedule a 6-5 team would be attainable. I was wrong. The good news is we have another cake schedule next season.

The Offense does have talent but Click is right the OL has regressed badly. If we can keep Mofor, Hanks, Holmes and McDonald that is a good start. The coaching staff should play every single young player/redshirt/benchwarmer etc. at every position they can tomorrow to see what they have. If this staff is getting another crack at it next year they need to scour every D1 transfer- JUCO player in the country. Spare no expense because they cant win with this current roster. Chuck at SBU and Rocco at Delaware ships in D1 transfers and JUCO's every year. We don't have time to bring along redshirts any longer if we are going to make a push. The QB situation going forward believe it or not looks promising. We will see what Byrnes and Under- whatever his name is are made of on Saturday.

Defense? Oy...scrap that whole side of the ball and start from scratch!!!!! (see D1 transfers and JUCO players from above)

I want GG to win regardless of what posters think of him. I am sure he doesn't want to lose and I bet this season is weighing on him. If he starts out bad next year it wouldn't shock me if he gets canned. I don't want that to happen and I am rooting for a turnaround. if Jim Fleming can do it at Rhody so can he. ALL IT TAKES IS PLAYERS. Its amazing how good a coach Bill Belichek became once he got Tom Brady (he was not good in Cleveland). Or Parcells with LT and Phil Simms or Bill Walsh with Montana and Jerry Rice!!! PLAYERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. RHODY improved when they went out and got a D1 QB that needed to transfer from where ever he was. Elon same story. JMU just reloads with D1 tranfers every year.

If GG gets canned the resumes that will come into Benson's office for this job will be major. I know three guys coaching at this level currently and two at the FBS level that would jump at the chance. My final thoughts are the rebuild either with GG or a new regime will not be as long as some fear.

Parting Shot: Who the hell makes up the rules for tailgating???? I had a TG at the Towson game and they piled everybody into a small square space in Dutch Parking, MILES from the stadium. Then the police monitored everyone from a eye in the sky booth. It was like living in Russia in the 80's. Once the game started you had 20 minutes to clean up and go to the game...I mean WTF? This is Albany....not Alabama. Then post game you had 30 minutes after the game to clear out. Last year and the year before these rules didn't exist, you parked and stayed wherever you wanted. If we wanted to be closer to the stadium or tailgate longer it was not allowed. Many people pissed!! If they are trying to promote attendance this is not helping the cause. I was considering season tickets so I could park right next to the stadium but if the same rules apply No Thanks.

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I generally do not tailgate, so the restrictions and changes dont really affect me. Maybe they are trying to boost attendance at the pregame shindig where you can purchase overpriced beer and food in a controlled environment. The one change I like is segregating tailgaters, although the area allowed for it might be a question. I know in prior years weve had to dodge revelers when coming into the lot and they do not pay much attention to the traffic. Plus little kids.

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2 hours ago, Dane96 said:

He wrote even worse last week, I believe.

He basically said GG was trippin if he thought this current team had the most CAA level talent.

He may may not be excelling at Bowie, but they won their league championship and are in the NCAA bracket.

Of course this is the same dude that got suspended for threatening to blow up the school on social media and thinking he couldnt get caught because he used a fake name. I dont think we lost much.....and hes probably pretty biased against anything UA for non football reasons.

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By the way, they havebeen going after JUCO guys and FBStransfers. See my post in recruiting - the are 7 former FBS players on this year's team. I think 4 or 5 JUCO"S. They have offers out to several JUCO players this year [a couple of new ones in the last 2 weeks]see recruiting thread. Of course they also have offers out to HS players. I think every team hasto have a mix. Anyone can easily watch the recruiting other CAA schools are doing. Every HS player Albany has offered was offered by other schools. And just about every HS player that has committed to another CAA school was also offered by UA.They are in the same boat as UA. Many here are correct, you have to win to get the top players!

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