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Game 28 / Conference 13 Feb 15 (Wed) 7:00 PM Troy, N.Y. McDonough Sports Complex - HVCC

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When started this thread, I had had a flashback to 1973 and the album titled E L P by Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the first song on the album:
Come and See The Show....  for us not much show lately but who knows ...
Feb 15 (Wed) 7:00 PM
Troy, N.Y. McDonough Sports Complex - HVCC

A truly important game for the Water Retrievers to stay near the top of the America East and clinch a first round home game in the AE Conference Tournament.  UMBC is currently 17-10 and 7-5 in conference.

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A UA loss here all but officially eliminates the team from a playoff spot and gives the team a few extra weeks of off-season.

I think the math works this way:

UA has 1 league win, Maine and NJIT both have 4. Team has 4 games remaining, so win them all and they can get to 5 wins. Maine and NJIT have already played against each other twice, so it is possible for them both to lose out for the rest of the season.

UA plays both teams one more time, so in that way there is some control of their own destiny.

If UA loses 2 of the 4 remaining games, the season is over.

If UA wins 3 of the 4, and both Maine and NJIT lose out, I think UA would actually win the tie breaker against NJIT because of the UML win, but would lose it to Maine because of Maine's win over Bing (tie breakers would change as the standings changed, so this could be wrong.)

NJIT and Maine can guarantee their own spot in the playoffs with any combo of their wins and UA losses totalling 2.

Technically UA could actually finish with a 7 seed, but at this point the most likely end to the season will be finishing with a single league win and watching all the playoffs on TV from the dorms and players deciding if they will be entering the portal in February instead of waiting till March.

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1 hour ago, Dane96 said:

Honestly, does anyone care at this point?

Nope, but ending the year on a win streak and making the AE playoffs (feels like less than a 0.0000001% chance of that happening) would be pretty cool. Never give up till officially eliminated. But you are right..... Apathy is at an all-time high.

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Apathy, perhaps about this season, however about the future of the MBB program, our concern and interest could never be greater.  Further, today's MBB story was found on B1 above the crease; well the article was mostly about Benson and the refiled lawsuit deleting Benson as a defendant.  Let us see if Benson breaks out his dance moves on the basketball court tonight. 

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adding amusement
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Good win. Looked very similar to the UML game. Get hot and make shots, win. Force too many from the outside when they aren't falling and lose.

This is a team of players with talent that can play with every team they have faced. The team is poorly constructed though, and appear to not be well coached so the whole is way less than the sum of the parts.

With NJIT losing the magic number for elimination doesn't change. Still almost no chance of a playoff birth, but they are alive for at least 1 more game.

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Dickens, you're ruining the point of having a 'who cares - here's a thread for all of the remaining games because we can't be bothered to discuss anymore and apathy is at an all-time high' vibe I was going for (so the UA AD people can feel ashamed) by creating these threads still! :)



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The great thing about our last three games, the games matter to us and to our opponents: Maine, NJIT and Vermont.  However, by the time we play Vermont, their seeding in the tournament will likely be set however, embarrassing any UAlbany team on their campus is something the Catamounts take pride in.

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