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Game 30 / Conference Game 15 Feb 25 (Sat) 7:00 PM Troy, NY McDonough Sports Complex

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So guess it is senior night now. The conversation started because there was no mention of it being senior night before.

Happy to have watched them all play.

To the two with eligibility left: would love to root for you for another season. Win or lose, you are all still #purplefam to me. Even if you move on to try your hand elsewhere. No matter what happens: good luck in the real world.

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42 minutes ago, dslyank said:

This AM TU has Drumgoole with TWO more years of eligibility. Would think he'd be GOOD to keep around, with Beagle, Jackson, Neely back and what looks like a promising recruiting class and possibly Amica & Little. A lot of question marks & unknowns in all of this though??

A starting five of Beagle, Neely, another BIG NOT NAMED REDDISH, Jackson, and Drumgoole is a really nice group to work with.  If Beagle is going to be primarily a post guy, which I think he is, then I hope we have a ride available (someone will leave, it always happens) to go after a transfer 6'8-6'9 guy who's job it will be to open the post for both Neely and Beagle by drawing guys out of the paint. 

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Danes try to preserve playoff hopes


By Abigail Rubel


James Franco / Times Union UAlbany’s Trey Hutcheson, who has decided to forego remaining eligibility, said he hopes Danes’ rivalries live on.

ALBANY — The University at Albany men’s basketball team was glued to the TV on Wednesday night.

The Great Danes anxiously watched NJIT build a 17-point lead over Bryant with 16 minutes remaining. But the Bulldogs came back, holding on for a 79-78 win that kept UAlbany’s playoff hopes alive.

“They had me jumping out of my seat a little bit. I’m not a Bryant fan at all, I’m not any other fan than UAlbany, but I’m glad Bryant got the win,” forward Gerald Drumgoole Jr. said.

UAlbany (7-22, 2-12 league) is chasing the Highlanders (7-20, 4-10) for the eighth and final seed in the America East Tournament. The two teams go head to head Saturday night at Hudson Valley Community College; tip off is at 7 p.m.

If UAlbany loses Saturday, it will miss the playoffs for the first time as a Division I program, though every team made the America East postseason prior to the 2014-15 season. The last time the Great Danes finished as low as ninth was in the 2009-10 season, but they were the eighth seed that year because Binghamton was ineligible.

If the Great Danes beat NJIT, they still need to win at Vermont in the regular-season finale Tuesday night. The Catamounts have already clinched the regular-season title, their seventh straight. The Great Danes would also need NJIT to lose its last game vs. New Hampshire.

Saturday’s game is meaningful for more than the playoff implications — it’s also Senior Night.

Drumgoole, senior guard/ forward Trey Hutcheson and fifth-year guards Da’Kquan Davis and Sarju Patel will all be honored.

Drumgoole, a senior, has two years of eligibility left, but said he hasn’t decided about returning next season.

Hutcheson, affectionately known as “the old man,” has been at UAlbany longer than anyone else on the team or coaching staff. He has a year of eligibility remaining due to COVID-19 but decided to graduate.

“I just think I’ve had a good four years. I’ve loved every minute of it, but just kind of feels like it’s time for me to move on and start the next chapter of my life,” Hutcheson said. “I hope that the pride in the program stays around, and the pride in the rivalries, like the Vermont rivalry, the Siena rivalry. ... There’s a really rich tradition in this program and it deserves to be remembered.”

Davis, who transferred from Division III Arcardia, and Patel, a Cornell transfer, have no eligibility left.

The Highlanders have been without leading scorer Miles Coleman, who had 17 points against UAlbany earlier in the season, since Jan. 19. In his absence, graduate guard Adam Hess has stepped up, scoring double digits in seven of the nine games he played without Coleman on the court.

▶› Abigail.Rubel@- timesunion.com A @abigail_rubel

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1 hour ago, dslyank said:

This AM TU has Drumgoole with TWO more years of eligibility. Would think he'd be GOOD to keep around, with Beagle, Jackson, Neely back and what looks like a promising recruiting class and possibly Amica & Little. A lot of question marks & unknowns in all of this though??

Yes. I have said that before.  I believe drumgoole is considered a sophomore due to a redshirt and covid year.  

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Team played well today. Patel with another big game. He is either on fire or just off. Either way, I love his hustle.

Jackson played extremely well as well. I like his how game is developing.

Gotta watch the replay on ESPN when I have a moment. I thought that attempted dunk went through the hoop and that play should have been and one.

Absolutely hate it when teams try to run down the clock when up 13-15 with 6-7 minutes left like UA did tonight. It always ends up with a forced shot at the buzzer. Team needs to keep playing their game. I'd rather a team get a good look with 10-15 seconds left on the shot clock then a forced shot at the end of the clock. Always seems to end in a miss or a turnover and allows the other team to claw back. Maybe with under 3 minutes to go that's the move, but with 6 minutes left it never works. I don't think they ever let it get back into single digits late, but they were up 20 at one point.

Now off to Vermont where they will attempt to do the impossible... Win at Patrick in two straight games in under a week.

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Where was this moxie demonstrated by our team last night all season?  The UAlbany MBB team finally shows up in the last three games with one to go, despite the win, a horrific season.  Timing is everything, UAlbany got to play a disheartened NJIT, who lost a couple of close games and shot somewhat poorly at the free throw line and from the 3-point range last night.

Now the only question left? Did UAlbany MBB team save its best for last?  Can the Wildcats beat the Highlanders?

One last comment... I have been amazed to see Doc Sauers at as many games this season... as I was leaving last night, I got to hold the door open for Doc Sauers and I look at the person with Doc and said "Are you are Stephen Sauers?"  The reply was "yes" ... my reply, "You were one of Albany's finest" Stephen reply, "No, not even close.  Then Doc stated "Yes, you were ... you will always be one of Albany's best" .... what a flashback to bygone era....

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I watched some of the game and it was nice to see them doing well. Beagle is Beagle (some body is going to get knocked out by one of his passes lol.), Patel had a great game and his endless motor pays off, Drumgoole looked like he was having fun. Jackson is a keeper…love his motor and grit. Maybe in year two he’ll learn how to tone it down a notch or two to avoid the PFs. Everyone else contributed. Even Neely as a color commentator did well. WBB, MBB and MLAX all chalk up a win on one cold Saturday up north. Good day to be a Great Dane. 

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