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Stadium Funding and UAlbany Flagship


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It 'aint done just yet folks. I can't wait to get the final/official GO. We should at the appropriate time send thank you e-mails or calls to the people who made this possible. My first letter will be to Mr. Canestrari should this in fact go through.


I get what ATL is saying.....my fears have subsided considerably since the former Gov. announced that he's kicking UA to the curb by omission.

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Remember...with construction costs rising, cost of steel and concrete through the roof, unless we get a really good builder who is the lowest bidder, I would suspect 36-40mm (I would think the City kicks in 2mm or so) would get us a bit less than that diagram.


I could care less...I just want my season seats on the fifty already!


If we got something like Paetec (35mm about 3-4 years ago) I would be happy. Here are Paetec Stats:


12,600 permanent seats

1100 bleachers

20 Luxury Boxes-- To me this is huge...build for the future and the revenue streams from these boxes

Press Box, Lockerrooms, Team Store

Expansion Capacity to 20,000 seats









The one area I differ on, is that it has been publicly stated the capacity could increase to 20-25k at our place when built. I would like it to be 30k, much like Cal-Davis because you never know if, in 20 years, we will grow to an FBS status. Who knows, probably unlikely...but let us build for that expansion possibilty. 30k is the min stadium requirement for FBS.

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I'm wondering how viable that picture is of the proposed stadium. Dr. McElroy stated that the final plans are still subject to change depending on the finances in place. This picture came out at least a year or two ago....does anyone have a read on how close the final product will be to what is being shown in the one (and only) rendered pic?

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I don't want to be greedy at this time, but I'd like 15k permanent seats with the new stadium.


But, most importantly, the stadium design NEEDS to be expandable, to at least 30k.



Dr.M has always said it WILL be expandable.

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Yes, he has publicly. However, the initial public record stated 25k expansion. It seems silly not to build it for 30k. That being said, I think it depends more on the area (from the construction projects I have worked on approving) than the actual structure.


Great example- Montana. No way did those plans of the original structure allow for growth to the now 28k or so they will be at this fall.

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I'd expect it to be built without the upper deck on the visitors' side, at least to start.


I thought the 30K stadium absolute capacity requirement had been shelved, in favor of averaging 15,000 actual attendance - which of course would be easier to reach if one big game a year filled a bigger stadium.


If I recall the original plans, both upper decks would give about 18K seating, then you've got the endzone hill which could have seating added to get up to 22-24K. I suppose you could carry the upper deck all the way around if needed.

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Having just looked up PaeTEC Stadium, because I didn't know where it was, the website that I found describing the stadium (Haley & Aldrich) revealed slightly different information cited in the above post (#78) for PaeTEC Stadium (which does look pretty nice). Regardless of the accuracy of the information in my post or D96's post regarding seating capacity, etc., I'd be happy either way with a stadium like PaeTEC! I love how the seating goes all the way around on one end of the field. Here's the information that I found:


"The state-of-the-art, multi-use outdoor stadium contains 17,500 permanent seats, 1,250 club seats, and 30 luxury suites, concession and merchandise facilities, and a Hall of Fame area." http://www.haleyaldrich.com/nodes/43.aspx?...e_reuse/paetec/




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My continued effort to find data on the seating capacity of PaeTEC Stadium led me to Wikipedia's entry for the stadium. However, I suspect that the Wikipedia information on PaeTEC Park/Stadium may be inaccurate somewhat because the stadium has already opened, yet the seating information is stated in the "future tense" on that page:


"The construction of the park will be done in three phases:


Phase 1: 12,600 permanent seats (13,768 with bleachers), temporary luxury boxes and picnic area

Phase 2: 20 Luxury boxes, a permanent pressbox, team store and locker rooms, and other amenities

Phase 3: Expansion to 20,000 permanent seats."





oh well ... as long as we get a stadium here in Albany!


And I can't get this page to load: http://www.paetecpark.com/

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The legislators are most likely staying the weekend, so I wouldn't expect to hear about stadium funding today. And according to Paterson he still wants them to cut parts of the budget out because it is too big... so lets keep our fingers crossed that the funding doesn't get cut during the weekend.


"Basically Paterson, in addition to saying he wanted lawmakers to work through the weekend, contended that he’s been trying to hold the line on spending, and even make some cuts in light of the state’s deteriorating economy, but that lawmakers just don’t seem to get it."



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PAETEK is very similar to Hofstra, which seats 13,000 and is a multi-purpose field.





I'd be happy with a stadium like Hofstra's too! Again, I like how the seating goes all the way around on one end of the stadium. I'm not sure why I like that so much, perhaps just because it makes it feel more enclosed and more like a "stadium".


Purple and gold colored seats would be cool too, or, even, purple-and-gold-colored seats.


I would advocate for the former style of seats -- i.e., purple and gold colored seats. :rolleyes:

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