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vs Siena

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Looking at any measurable statistic Siena could win this game...I've been surprised by their resiliency. If we lose tonight I'd be EXTREMELY disappointed but not shocked. Somehow they've been able to stay in many of their games, I don't know how but they have. Make no mistake though, with a week of rest even though I hear there are injury concerns...we should be prepared, deeper and rested.


Suero is the key IMO, if he attacks like he usually does and gets to the line 10 times, Siena will be in trouble as they have very limited depth. Mike and Suero need to attack all night...go right at OD over and over and over again who for the most part has been foul prone (last two games he's been better). Get him out of the game and Siena will be forced to shoot jumpers as the only kid that can break the D down is Hymes. If we force them away from the basket they can't score as they are a bad shooting team.

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Ok...anyone know how the out-of-town peeps can watch this one? Anyone have a link to a peer-to-peer that might have it?

$7.95 to Siena tv - Lets hope there is another option


They need it. LCC now charges $28,910 per year for tuition and $11,435 for room and board. That's over $40,000 per year in costs and $160,000 for four years. For a liberal arts degree from a non-Ivy League school (far from it)? Unconscionable.



Siena Homepage: "Fast Facts"

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I thought this game was going to be on ESPN3. I guess not.


I too, had been led to believe this would be on ESPN3. Someone lied. Could someone influential at Siena, anticipating embarrassment, have had the plug pulled? Shame on ESPN if that happened.


I've called all the local sports bars, but they basically ask me what a Siena is? If I tell them the truth they cite some archaic board of health rules about placing crap too close to food. For now I'm going to assume http://firstrowsports.tv/sport/basketball is going to carry it. My last option would be the Siena broadcast which is essentially synonymous with Ipecac.


Good luck.

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