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2017-18 Season

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Really happy about what I've seen... Foster is big moves very well and has a nice presence inside. Hanks is huge, moves well and can finish. Healey nice stroke... Will be a really nice player for a long time. Nichols torching everyone but has taken a few bad shots.


This team will be very good folks... Honestly may be the deepest tram we've ever had.


I know it goes against conventional wisdom but I'm gonna go out on the limb and pick UA first and Nichols poy with a caviot if he doesn't force the issue. He is lightening quick, very athletic. Gonna be a nightmare.

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I'll upload the videos and pics in a bit.


Not too many videos, don't need to give teams the heads up of our guys lol. No free scouting for them.


Thought we had a lot of guys that looked good. Will be interesting to see who works well with Brown's system. We have seen guys look great during the P&G scrimmage but then when it comes to the games, they can't remember plays or don't have D. But looks promising.


Players were walking around after the game and chatting with fans.

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Holy scoreboard must be double the size of the old one


Here are some google images of the old one:






Whatever happened to that banner at the top? I never saw "Let's Go Albany" on the old scoreboard.




It's beautiful. Screens all over the place. Strip on top, strip on bottom and corner strips...to go along with the four main screens.


We also have some new arena sounds (buzzer sound is more like a hockey arena buzzer than the one we've had the last 10 years+).


I could have sworn in the first few twitter pics of the screen that I saw new small 'monitor' speakers but I didn't notice them tonight and can't see them in the pics.

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Quick video of some of the nice moves, etc. I cut out a lot of the running of the plays, etc. to appease MRSGDG :P (and to cut the video time down lol).


LOL you never know who is watching. I do know for practice they sometimes put paper over some of the windows in the gyms.

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Most surprised by Hanks. Very active, moves well for his size (HUGEEEEEEEE!) and finishes! Brown in a interview I had heard said that he talks with a certain freshman 30 times per hour during practices. The someone maybe Hanks as Brown was constantly in his ear all night. He could be a beast in this league eventually & maybe even sooner.


After the first 10 minutes, I was ready to nominate Foster for POY in the ameast. Then he kind of disappeared for a while, before coming on strong @ the end. So maybe not POY, but he did impress! While Hanks maybe a prospect, Foster is definitely NOW.


Healy looked fast and seems to see the court well. Excellent passer and goes to the hoop well. Outside shot seems to be a work in process. During a couple of time outs he was practicing his jump shot, not too successfully though. While, I was keying on watching him, I commented to a friend Anderson would have trouble finding playing time on this team; then Anderson went off and shot like 5 out of 6 from the three.


Speaking of missing ONE shot, that is exactly how many Travis missed all night. Unofficially, I had him @ 8 or 9 out of 9/10.


Getting back to guards, Clark was on the bench taking NOTES on a scrap sheet of paper. OK, maybe he was playing tic-tac-toe or something; but if he was really taking notes, how cool is that!


Cochran & Campbell though not flashy played well. Both tough in the paint, play D. Seem to have similar skill sets, with Cochran having better range (made a couple threes.)


Cremo just plain seems to make everyone else play better/harder. While Nichols was certainly the star of the night, Joe just seems to make this team compete.


In short this team is DEEP and Talented. Would not be surprised if Clark & Conway, when healthy add to the mix.

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I know it is early in the practice season, but after last night, here is my new assessment:


PG: Nichols

SG: Cremo

SF: Campbell

PF: Stire

C: Foster


6th Man (and possibly 6POY): Charles


Anyone from the bench can play significant minutes, and I don't think the team would lose much at all.

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