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Game 1: MBB vs. Lehigh 11/09 7PM

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“Connectivity is everything for a team — You’re either a “team” or a “group” — You get to decide which one you’re going to be.”  - Minnesota FB Coach Last year and after 1 game this year I think

he's done it for the football games the entire season.  He's been good.  Constantly has to correct Roger's mistakes. 

It's not that they lost its how they lost. For 32 minutes they got their ass handed to them on both sides of the court and they kept taking it. In the process looking like the team that won 12 games. 

WB on the radio today. Said the team is ahead of last year defensively. JoJo probably a couple of weeks away. Doherty has been looking good on offense but needs to learn defense and the physicality of D-I. Will rotate Lulka, Lauderdale and Hansen against Karnik, but have to watch for kickouts . 

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That looks like a line up that could come out hot and punch the opponent right In the mouth with scoring. 

What are other peoples thoughts? Is it a little too small to come out of the shoot with? Is Desousa a 4 or a 3 and is asking him to play the 4 leaving him prone to fouling or will they probably play more zone then?

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I LIKE the line-up. Malachi and Lulka can hold their own on the boards. Malachi will not get beat by most teams 4's; unless they are extremely physical and Rizzuto is as tough as they come and can help with a double when necessary. Bring Hansen & Lauderdale off the bench for some muscle. I'm sure Brown is going to be doing a lot of experimenting with starters and rotation; but I like this early listing [who knows if it is actually what happens?] Cannot wait to find out.

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1 hour ago, dslyank said:

. I'm sure Brown is going to be doing a lot of experimenting with starters and rotation; but I like this early listing [who knows if it is actually what happens?] 

We'll see. The Gazette today says Lulka and Hansen will likely start in the front court. 

The story also says the coaching staff has a lot of opinions bout how to play together so you're right, there's going to be some experimentation. At some point, I'd like to see what a combination of de Sousa, Hansen and Lulka can do together. Hansen's outside shooting should create some space for either Malachi or Lulka to post up.

Is it 7 PM yet?

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Yep, I love the sound of a line up that has two athletic guys like Hansen and deSouza...with Lulka/Lauderdale manning the middle...and a monster group of Healy, Clark, Rizzutto, Anderson (when healthy) rounding that group out.  The shooting of Healy, Rizzuto, and sometimes Hansen will allow Lulka to post up...creates space for DeSouza / Hansen (when not shooting) to split the gaps and slash.  In instances when you have Clark and or Anderson with Hansen and DeSouza on the floor you have three or four VERY athletic guys.

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