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Game #22: 2/2/22 - 7:00PM vs UMBC


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Last Up: L (73-61) @ Vermont
Next Up: vs UMBC (9-10, 4-4 AE, 3 game winning streak)
Date: 2/2/22 @ 7:00PM
TV/Streaming: ESPN+
Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FM
ESPN Matchup Predictor: 55.5% chance of a UAlbany win


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The need for a win streak to establish distance from the middle of the pack and a first round home game in a conference play....

2021-22 Men's Basketball Standings
Vermont 8-0 1.000 16-4 0.800 W10
Stony Brook 5-2 0.714 13-7 0.650 W1
Hartford 3-2 0.600 5-12 0.294 W2
Binghamton 5-4 0.556 8-10 0.444 L2
UAlbany 5-4 0.556 9-12 0.429 L1
UMBC 4-4 0.500 9-10 0.474 W3
New Hampshire 3-4 0.429 8-8 0.500 L1
NJIT 3-6 0.333 8-11 0.421 L6
UMass Lowell 2-5 0.286 10-9 0.526 L2
Maine 1-8 0.111 4-16 0.200 L3
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Home court for AmEast tournament just got easier. Per Inside Lacrosse:

The Stony Brook men’s and women’s lacrosse teams will not be eligible for the America East conference championships and automatic qualifier, the league announced Wednesday in the wake of the program’s departure to the CAA.

“The America East Conference Board of Presidents has determined that in accordance with longstanding conference legislation, Stony Brook University is ineligible to participate in all America East Championships for the remainder of its tenure as a conference member, effective immediately,” the league said.



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3 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

It's truly ok.  There is no such thing as a bad loss with this team . They have lost a lot of talent , and they don't have enough of it. 

I don't want to hear they are tired.  They are kids.  I hope they don't use that excuse.  

Yeah...I'm fine with it...I have very low expectations considering what's left on the bench this season. I've seen enough to say that the program is in good hands even if results are middling this season.

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So as we were driving home from the game my wife reminded me of the comment I made to her and my son at the end of halftime....

The team came out of the locker room, walked on to the court to warm up, and proceeded to look like they didn't care. Were tossing up silly shots, sauntering around with zero energy. Basically looked like they didn't want to be there. I told them that it was a bad sign, and the lack of focus and energy could follow the team in the second half. I was trying to tell my son that he shouldn't do that on his team and he always needed to focus and keep his energy level high.

I forgot about making the comments until my wife reminded my son of the comment and hoped he learned a lesson. For once, I felt smart. At least for a few minutes. Ok that's gone now.

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As good as UA is defensively; they are equally bad or at least inconsistent offensively. We have all witnessed this all year. D will only carry UA so far and I'm afraid there is just not enough their offensively. A first round home game looks possible; but don't see them advancing more than one round if that. Even in a 4-5 or 5-4 match-up, pretty much looking at a toss up. Still agree, UA with Killings is in good hands and the future is bright; but simply must recruit or develop more offense somehow. DUH!😚

Speaking of inconsistency and not to point any blame but:  Cerruti 2 pts;  Reddish who had made 3 of his last 4, 3 attempts was 0-3 [0-5 overall]; Hutch had been something like 6 for 11 from 3 in the previous 2 games 0-3 [0-5 overall] yesterday. While I love what Champ brings defensively, I yell NO whenever he takes a shoot, even close-in [his shooting %age for the year has to be less than 25% or worse?]   Other than Horton, just cannot count on any consistent scoring day in day out.

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