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Game #31: 3/6/22 - 2PM at Hartford (AET Quarterfinals)

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1 minute ago, nysteve661 said:

I don't think a middle school team could miss as many layups and FTs as UA has today.  Unreal.

Exactly. I’m almost 70, haven’t played real basketball this century, and would be hard pressed to miss that many. 

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The two halves are starkly contrasted.  First half, incredible D leads to one-on-one basketball, and missed shots and made shots...but lack of moving the ball leads to Hartford being able to easily closedown on the ball handler.

Second half, Defense is still solid, leading to the offense moving the ball, multiple sets with multiple options...and players still missing shots but because they moved the ball, are getting second and third options if the play breaks down, in addition to the defense not being able to sit back and clamp down.  This leads to offense.  

It's amazing what plays can do for an offense. 

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1 minute ago, UAalum72 said:

Also amazing what Hartford missing 8 threes can do.

Truth, totally agree.  I feel like Hartford's three point shooting has been Albany's kryptonite since our first year in the America East. 

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8 minutes ago, UAalum72 said:

And just like that we're only down 7 with 4 min to play

And just like that we’re down by 11 after another missed layup. Lol. 

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Hartford came out like a team that knew this could be there last D1 conference game, EVER. 

Albany came out like a team that had no energy and limited talent, with no game plan.

On to next year...let's see what Killings can do with a full year ahead of him.  I am bullish on both his ability to grow and the core of Neely, Little, Reddish, Amica (if healthy), and Beagle.  He is going to have to get at least two impact transfers and a good rotation guy, PG, Center, and PF. For me, the impact transfer needs to be a PG and a shooter. 

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OK. Here is the "definitive"😙 assessment of the year from 50 years of watching UA BB with NO coaching or playing experience {"definitive " in quotes of course, so hammer away no offense taken.} 

It was obvious after a very short time, this team was going nowhere. Did it have enough talent to compete; especially with injuries--NO WAY O'SAY! Can Killings coach? The answer to that is still not enough data, i.e too early to tell. He did get the team to play hard and perhaps believe him themselves; but not sure he gets the credit for that. Anyone who plays DI already thinks he's got game? Personally, I would have preferred him to play the youngsters more, build for the future--take your beatings. HOW much worse could it have been?? The team could not shoot worth $hit--no one can argue that. Could better coaching, better sets, helped--probably/maybe is all I have. He did use a Will Brown trick {and I am in no way comparing coaches or trying to bring up an old controversy}; by trying to hide an offensively challenged team by hard nosed defense. One thing he did NOT do is get this team to REBOUND. Pretty sad when your top rebounder only played less than 10 minutes per game. What the he!! was the rest of the players doing for 30+ minutes??

I'm done. What's the famous expression:  "Wait to Next Year." Hammer away.


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Killings says “the program has grown tremendously”, but this year vs the last  three looks like same old same old...stagnant...losing basketball. Give him one more year for solid progress and then the gloves come off. 

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