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MBB 2022-23 Preseason - News/Articles/Predictions/Chatter

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Being the end of September, it's time to start a thread focused on this year's preseason. Please share any articles, thoughts, or predictions for this season.

It's going to be a strange one with the home court being at HVCC. 

2022-23 Roster

PG: Amica, Little, Davis, Edmead

SG: Patel, Schafer, Jackson

SF: Drumgoole, Reddish, Hutcheson

PF: Neely, Ketner, Kellogg, Beagle

No Traditional Center


I'll guess the starting 5 to begin the season will be: Davis, Patel, Drumgoole, Reddish, Neely

Hutch and Schafer could start (Schafer is always called the best player in preseason before he gets hurt every year) and I bet Beagle gets a lot of time and maybe works his way to starting my conference play.

Is Amica healthy? Has Little worked on playing without turning it over? Ketner should get time. He earned his scholarship and seemed to be improving.

I don't know much about the other new guys... What will Edmead, Kellogg, and Jackson bring to the team?

What are your thoughts? What have you seen or read? Only a few weeks till the season starts!

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First conference preview I have seen for this season. Some Albany stuff in the podcast attached to the article, but it's a lot of UVM and Bryant love.

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2 hours ago, cwdickens said:

I noticed this article line buried in the recruitment story from today:

Who's who: 2022-23 UAlbany men's basketball roster 

For those of us who are too cheap, can you guys post these T-U articles with the full text too?


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22 minutes ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

For those of us who are too cheap, can you guys post these T-U articles with the full text too?


Not cheap, but refuse to pay them considering they give LCC preferential treatment more often than not.

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21 minutes ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

For those of us who are too cheap, can you guys post these T-U articles with the full text too?


Install the duck duck go browser. It's more secure than chrome, Firefox, edge, IE, etc. and it allows you to burn your history and cookies. Boom. Free article limited lifted. Browse until you run out of free articles, burn your history, then your article count is reset.

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Edmead a 'little dude that's all over the place'

ALBANY — At 5-foot-10, junior guard Malik Edmead is the shortest member of the University at Albany men’s basketball team. But watching him zoom around the court in practice, you hardly notice.

Coach Dwayne Killings described Edmead, a transfer from Merrimack, as “a little dude that’s all over the place. “He’s a great person, he’s got elite-level speed, and I think he’s a great athlete,” Killings said.

“I feel I bring a lot of speed, competitiveness, defense and honestly I got my fair share of athleticism,” Edmead said. But “at this level, everybody’s good. It’s more so what else you bring. I’m trying to become more of a leader, trying to bring everybody more together.” Edmead played in 30 games for Merrimack last season, starting 12 during a midseason stretch. He averaged just more than 23 minutes, 9.4 points and 2.0 rebounds per game while shooting 43.9 percent. As a freshman, he averaged 7.8 points per game and earned a spot on the Northeast Conference all-rookie team.  “I had two good years at Merrimack, but I ended up entering the transfer portal just because … that school wasn’t the right school for me, basketball-wise,” Edmead said. UAlbany, on the other hand, “just seemed like the right fit,” he said. “The vibe, the players, everything was just right.”

Merrimack’s zone scheme didn’t make the most of Edmead’s skillset, Killings said. “I think being able to play out in the open floor could really help him and really help us,” he said. “There was a possession today in practice, I mean, he just put the jets on, got into the paint. There’s some things he can do physically that other people can’t, which is an advantage for us.”

Edmead is also happy to be back in New York state. He comes from a basketball-playing family in Deer Park on Long Island. Edmead’s father and three brothers all play — older brother Aaren played two seasons at Wagner and two at North Carolina A&T — and pickup games are a regular occurrence when they’re all home. “I reign supreme in the house right now,” Edmead said. “My days are finally here.”

He’s one of four transfers Killings brought in this season. But after the first day, he said he didn’t feel much discomfort being one of the new guys. “Of course in the beginning it’s awkward, because everybody knows each other already, but I’m good at gelling with people,” Edmead said. “I feel like I’ve been with these guys for a while now.”

Part of recruiting transfers — a greater part of a coach’s job since the NCAA removed the requirement that first-time transfers sit out a year — is making sure they’re a good culture fit, Killings said. “We have conversations with their circles and try to figure out, do they fit? Do they want to come here and win, do they want to come here and sacrifice themselves for something bigger? And I think (Edmead) just wants to win and be a part of something really special, and that’s what we’re trying to create here,” Killings said. “The guys that are playing for themselves or focus on other things, they just won’t last, but I think he’s a kid that really understands it and it’s been great to coach him.”

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Similar talent as last year's team. Horton and Perry were pretty good last year. 

We may play faster this year. The season will depend on how good the players that where hurt last year are. 

Nothing special at all. Hope I'm wrong but I see another under 500 season.  

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First of all. I was SURPRISED how few people attended. Like I said above, thought seating etc would be an issue. Not even close. Has interest in UA Basketball tanked that much???????

Anyhow, my report is similar to 1882's, only I would not go so far to make prediction. Definitely a fast team. Outside shooting like last year appears to still be suspect. Neely did not play a minute, even though he was dressed and was on the floor for shoot arounds, etc. but no game minutes. Raddish missed a number of open shots [some 3's some inside the arc] but did heat-up a little near the end. Hutch was either 3 of 5 or 4 of 6 from 3; sort of lost count; but his makes were all while planted and both misses were coming off screens [pretty much his MO last year.] Dk Davis was the only other player to make a 3 [2 out of x attempts--not sure how many he tried.] 

I was impressed with all three big men; Kettner is a beast and can score around the basket, Beagle is smooth and can make foul shots, and Kellogg looked solid on both ends of the floor. Speaking of making foul shots, I do not know if it was some sort of practice gimmick/strategy, but only 1 shot was awarded even if in the act of shooting; and as a team/teams, I do not think there was more than one or two misses all game.

While, impressed with the 3  bigs playing around the basket the small forwards and shooting guards were all fast and could get to the rim; but mostly could NOT finish. Maybe  because they all know each other and the DEFENSE was intense by ALL, all game. This could be a very good/excellent defensive team? Fast with many steals back in forth {or just sloppy play??}

In summary hard to tell much from a scrimmage:  but shooting woes [like last year] appear to an issue, should be much improved scoring and defense by bigs, even with no true center; definitely fast both defensively and on attack.

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