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Stadium: Architecture, Engineering, and Design AWARDED!

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Heading towards the end of March.... who's got a guess on when the shovels hit the ground.




My question is will there be a webcam we can follow, or will I have to get DP to pin a thread for pictures?


With your connections, maybe you can get up on top of the PE building to take the pics.... better view

with panoramic view!

I have no connections, or any desire to get onto the roof of the gym; anyway the PE building will be behind the grandstand structure and will have no sightline to the field. The best view might be from the Fallon Field bleachers, if the existing trees get cut down.

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To get an idea on pricing for expansion, FIU is in the midst of finishing the lower bowl of the stadium, adding 5,000 seats to one sideline.


"The $6 million privately-funded project will increase seating capacity from 20,000 to nearly 25,000, closing the stadium, which is currently three-fourths finished. The north side of the stadium will match the existing south side of the lower bowl. The restoration of the north side will include a second press box and additional luxury and presidential boxes. Athletic department offices will also be located in the expanded side of the stadium. The department is currently located inside the U.S. Century Bank Arena."


A view of the current, and future looks.





They currently have 1,500 club seats, a club, 19 suites (approximately 10-12 of which are on the sideline) and a presidential box. Notable is that they are building offices.


I figure that my original estimates are on point, doubling up on the "temp side" with 4500 seats (giving us 9,000 permanent), 11,000 total with student hill, 8-10 boxes, a club level, a presidential suite, and concessions could be done for 6-8 million.

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To get an idea of what our place is going to look like height and structurally, scroll to the middle of the page.


FIU stadium is 22 rows tall. I believe ours will be 28. So, ours will be approximately 6-8 feet taller on seating alone. The "press box/suite" area looks to be a carbon copy (except that theirs goes the length of 100 yards...ours goes from the 20-20 yard lines...and I can't tell if those are double stacked boxes like ours; ours will have two "rows" inside the box for tiered seating). But it looks about the same.


Then you have to add on 10-15 feet in the air just for the rasing of the top deck to the bottom deck. My guess is closer to the 15 foot mark.


In the end, our stadium will be 20-25 foot "taller" than this stadium.


But it is a great reference since the stadium is primarily steel/aluminum. Our lower bowl is concrete pre-cast and the upper is built exactly like this place.



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Spoke separately to two different AADs this weekend. Both said all the agreements with the vendors were completed and only final state approval/signature was required. One of them thought there would be an announcement of groundbreaking by April 10. The other mentioned a possible delay due to the high water table, which sounds strange considering the lack of snow or rain this winter. But the turf field is being built over a concrete base (post #455 this thread, page 31) rather than on asphalt like the Fallon Field/field hockey complex, so it must need dry ground for the footings.


There are a lot of little flags at the end of the RACC parking lot, marking plumbing and electrical lines. May mean something or nothing.

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Wow, I remember reading DEGIS reports, however I dont ever remember seeing this report:




Type in the word "Multi" and scroll through the 12 hits. One of the hits from the is late 2010 document (remember, this was done when we knew of the budget crunch) states what we are planning to do with the facilities.


Pretty interesting stuff...read along...i was a bit shocked by "Indoor Practice Facility w/ Associated Parking Structure".



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BTW, the elevator shaft structure is approximately 1/3 the height of Rockefeller's Erection, the water tower (248 feet), and double the size, plus 10 feet, of the Green Monster in Fenway.


The top of the coke bottle (out of image) will be how high the elevator shaft will go.



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Text of project work alert notification sent from facilities management today.

the beginning of the beginning is upon us






April 2, 2012




Athletic Fields Repairs & Improvements – Alert 01


Project Start – Construction Staging Areas


Project / Work Order #: 01A70 / 12-19588


ESTIMATED START: 4/4/2012 12:00 AM

ESTIMATED END: 9/30/2013 5:00 PM


Project Description / Scope:


The Athletic Field Repairs and Improvements project begins with work on two of the three project

venues – Recreation Field (adjacent to tennis courts) and the Multi-Purpose Stadium (southeast of

SEFCU Arena). Contractor will begin work staging the project sites which will include fencing;

locating project trailers and installing temporary pathways around the project site.


Notice – Starting Wednesday, April 04 no parking is allowed in the first two rows of the SEFCU lot

west of the access drive. See attached graphic.


Refer to the attached map for the extent of the project sites. Additional alert notifications will be

issued throughout the project’s construction.


POTENTIAL IMPACT ON SURROUNDING AREAS: (please check all that apply)


.Change in access/egress .Odor .Hot Water

.Dust .Traffic .Rest Rooms

.Noise .Water/Sewer .Elevator

.Ventilation .Parking .Fire Alarm(s)

.Heating/Cooling .Other:



If you have any questions or concerns regarding this work, please contact the project manager, David LaComb, RA, at

dlacomb@albany.edu or at 437-4454.



For a listing of all current Project Work Alert Notification and notable campus projects, please view our web page at www.albany.edu/facilities


We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause as we continue to renovate and upgrade the University;

and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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