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Stadium: Architecture, Engineering, and Design AWARDED!

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Some design pics I pulled....quality in the PDF is better but I thought some might want a quick view:


Based on scale - the scoreboard looks to be about 20-25 feet wide. The Audio system is included in this contract. The block boxes in the above are speakers.


Where is the Great Dane statue you referred to earlier?


There's no picture. Just a reference on the design pages detailing the end zone berm. Top of the Run-out ramp.

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I'm still confused as to the bid of $16M. Is that against the $18M stadium or the $24M complex?


Are these good bids or great bids?


From what read, the bid for $16m includes:

1. stadium sans scoreboard and temp bleachers.

2. Track and field complex

3. rec field



What it doesn't include:


Scoreboard to be supplied by direct vendor.


Temp bleachers - no real reference to these except all the site work is included in this contract, including the gravel base for the bleachers to sit on and all the walkways and gates to get to that side of the field.


Soccer practice field, which the specs say will be provided by the school. Prob just a grass field.


That all makes sense to me considering we always heard it was an $18m project. $16m for this contract plus those additions (scoreboard, etc.) and you've got around $18m.


What they do with the other $6m they raise is beyond me. It will cost something to run this place, but hopefully they'll offset those costs with gate revenue.


I'm hoping the $6m is to save for the full lower bowl and or scholarships if a league invite comes.

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Thanks again haggy and thanks df.


I'm getting excited!


You are welcome; this is definitely the place for the committed fans.


The one substantial change from the conceptual to the design phase is the elimination of the "Stadium Club" (along with its attached outdoor terrace)in the lower level of the tower.

I can't speculate on the reasons for the omission (on-campus NCAA regulations might have contributed to the demise of the lounge area), but it was one of the glitzier parts of the video, and its complete exclusion is slightly disappointing.


That said, hopefully this very real and imminent next step is the gateway to more scholarships and tougher competition.



My thoughts: it is simply a cash thing. Those lounges are hugely expensive. That said, they have planned for it in the future...they always have intended to have it. It will most likely be center stage of the current pressbox when it is expanded up top a level, or it could be put on the other side when that is completed. I would suspect there will be this, and at least 5-6 more suites plus a Presidential suite.

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Yeah I think so and the Great Dane statue is at the top of the tunnel ramp. I think. Hard to get any depth perspective in the architectural drawings.


So many documents I couldn't remember where I saw the great dane statue; I was thinking it was up near the "Mara" plaque from Giants camp.


Volume 1, Page 67...


I see it is also not in the contract, so maybe the BPF fundraising campaign can be designated to that...kidding?

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This is the HUGE step we've been waiting for!

Guess where every single visiting potential recruit for every sports program will walk through multiple times while on campus... THE STADIUM!

It will look gorgeous on the ua facilities page!


Where did you get those nice high resolution images on your still high-quality blog?

I was going to save some copies to the "UAStadium" account we have access to.




At this point, who knows, can't remember. Maybe google images or from the multi-sport complex link on the ua site.

If you go to the photos, enlarge them, and then save them... you'll probably have what you want.

They are already gone from my hard drive.

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WOW...lots of little cool things they are doing, as DANEFAN said, to make it top notch. We are getting less seating...but much more bang than Stony Brook...the little, huh...this is a classy place stuff.


OK...spent about 3 hrs flipping through the stuff. So far I have completed ADD 1 and 2 UAFIELD REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENT; And Add 1 .PDF. Here is a list of some serious notable things. Important to note, that there are a lot of NIC, Not Included Charge, that we will be paying for, hence the extra money we are raising easily will climb into that 6mm dollar range. The use of " by me means that the document is the same as the previous document, new page is noted:



1. ADD #1, Pg. 11- Press Roof/Future- 287’ 6”- The deck area for the Second Press Box Addition for the future is MASSIVE!

2. ADD #1, Pg. 11- Grandstand Upper Deck Length- 262’ 7 ½"

3. ADD #1, Pg. 11- Concourse Length- 230’; Concourse Roof Length- 246’

4. “ – Home of Great Dane Signage, NIC

5. “ – Silk Screen Graphics, 7 BAYS that will cover the areas in front of the steel on the outside of the stadium- NIC

6. “-64” and 32” Tall UAlbany Great Dane Field Signage (will be whatever the real name is), NIC

7. “ The Metal Structure with the Name of the Field is called a “LOUNGE”. There is an extension out. Maybe another lounge area?!?!?

8. “-UA Logo on Elevator Shaft is 9’6” tall by 13’5” wide NIC

9. “ North and West Gate Signage

10. “ 4 Ticket Counters in Shaft

11. ADD #1, Pg. 12- Another UA Logo on Shaft, same size.

12. ADD #1, Pg. 18- TV Connection in the Concessions Booth, wish bathrooms and retail had some.

13. ADD # 2, Pg. 2- Mostly maples and birch trees planted around stadium

14. “, p. 5- 20 yard lines will be purple accented; gold accent on both sides of player ramp; Center Logo Still TBD;

15. “, p. 10- The Berm is split in half and will be the "STUDENT SECTION". Has the potential to be really loud and imposing- Students East/West.

16. “. p. 10- EMS will have a facility nxt to concessions A, w/ private bathroom.

17. “. p. 10- There will be a family bathroom in front of Men’s room

18. “ p. 10- Concession B will be next to Retail

19. “ P. 10- Four additional FOOD KIOSKS on the Concourse

20. “ p. 10- Three Food Kiosks on the Berm Concourse

21. “ p. 10- Press Box is a massive 270’

22. “ p. 10- There will be a storage basement

23. “ P. 10- Endzone Scoreboard side will have 6’ graphic fencing wind screen, UA logo; will also appear behind the flagpoles and monument.

24. “ p. 11- 7 entrances to upper-deck

25. “ p. 12- A-Q Seating Upper Deck; UA Gold marking stripe in aisles

26. “ p. 14- A production studio will be present (See: Doors)

27. Addendum 1 PDF- Rec Field August 2012, Football Stadium 350 completion days after soils consolidation , No later than Sept 12, 2013(e.g. digging); T&F Oct 2013

28. “ P. 102 is the compressed Project Schedule. Awesomely quick.

29. “ P. 176- seating will come from Hussey Seating Co.; American Seating Co; Duchame Seating International or Irwin Seating, Centurion Design is style. 21” wide min. 2” arm rest.

30. “ p. 178- Row ends will have UA LOGO Circle

31. “ p. 180- Lighting is the MUSCO Green System for the lightposts; 75 footcandle lighting for stadium…1/2 that for Rec Field.


I will start ADD 2 tomorrow.


Oh...and there is a ton of legal language to allow for a very quick turnaround in seat expansion.

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Did anyone see the plans for seating around the track? In the little I could follow before my eyes glazed over, I saw that the north light towers would have to be moved to accomodate the expanded track, and the north bleachers would be demolished, but I missed the hoped-for removal of the wooden planks on the gym steps, and any new seating.

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FYI - the company with the low bid is currently building the new NanoX building.



Since this contractor had the lowest bid; has experience with stadiums (Ravens, RPI, and more); and since we already have a working relationship with them (Nano), anyone know why we need "several" weeks to award the contract?????

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FYI - the company with the low bid is currently building the new NanoX building.



Since this contractor had the lowest bid; has experience with stadiums (Ravens, RPI, and more); and since we already have a working relationship with them (Nano), anyone know why we need "several" weeks to award the contract?????


Prob need that time to get the contracts worked up and signed. I think they knew who was going to build this before the bids were even submitted.

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FYI - the company with the low bid is currently building the new NanoX building.



Since this contractor had the lowest bid; has experience with stadiums (Ravens, RPI, and more); and since we already have a working relationship with them (Nano), anyone know why we need "several" weeks to award the contract?????



State Finance Law.....I assume the contract will need to be approved by AG and OSC...?

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Vol. 1 Drawings Complete- Some interesting stuff- there will be a huge lounge in press area.



1. Vol 1- Drawings- P. 3- There will be a Press Box Lounge- It’s the extension where the UALBANY FIELD SIGN IS IN PRESS BOX with two flat screens. The lounge is big, 72 feet long.

2. “- Two open suites look like they will be future hospitality suites if necessary (e.g., sell out all suites).

3. “ p.44 is the list of trees to be put in.

4. “ p. 67- 629 chairback seats

5. P. 68- Catering facility in basement of Elevator tower

6. First set of stands will be elevated 8’ 6” off field

7. P. 92 Confirms Future press box addition, lobby, with an 8’ knockout panel looking like the size of the box will be approx min 12 feet tall.

8. P. 97- Concession A is going to be double the size of Concession B- personally, this is a design flaw for me; many of the people in the berm and opposite side will want to maybe go to this side…and now they have to walk all the way around. Yes, they will have food kiosks and very small temp concession….but I just forsee this as poor planning.

9. P. 98- Caterer will have two prep facilities. One in tower first floor and one in the box upstairs.

10. P. 99- Coaches and Stats room will be tiered two-level seating.

11. “ – Doesn’t look like private bathrooms for any suites, but have sinks

12. P. 118- Press/Suites will be carpeting and tile. Color: “Just focus” for carpet; grey for corridors; Berry for lounge cut ins; deep purple for some tile; gem collection purple rain , oyster, nickel for other tile.

13. P. 118- paint is white, purple, gold, gray; royal plum

14. P. 118- surface colors- here comes the sun; brushed alumn; Kashmir white; angere; and violet

15. P. 121- bookshelf in lounge- not sure if suites or lounge. This is wood.

16. P. 127- encourages tail-gating fun; there is a BBQ tent outside the North Gate ticket window above the berm.

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