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@ LCC 12/13 ( not the day whiny patsos wanted)

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I made this suggestion on the TU forum, but the more I think about it - the more I would love to see it happen:


Cancel the UA/Siena series in current form.


Create an annual Albany Cup Tournament - Cohosted by UA and Siena, with all revenues split evenly

Invite 2 additional strong mid-major non-league opponents - like a Patriot League Team and a CAA Team.


In round 1 - Siena plays the Patriot League Opponent, Albany Plays the CAA opponent (because of Football)

In Round 2 - You have a Championship and Consolation Game.


UA Would play Siena only in years that both teams win or both teams lose in Round 1


You have 4 teams worth of fans to pad attendance and bring in additional $$


Since it is a tournament - it would not be a "home" Team for any team, and not be included in any season ticket packages - however both schools could sell an option to their season ticket holders for an all-games pass with premium seats or something like that (but not necessarily the same seat a Siena Season Ticket holder has during the regular season.


This would make the Siena/UA game happen a good percentage of years, but not every year - so it would become a little more special, and it would bring a couple additional strong teams into the capital district.

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Some excellent posts. Thanks. I've always said this is a community event. No problem playing in the TUC, but it should be either part of both season ticket packages or part of neither.


I will be watching from home this year and champagne is on ice already.


Fot the old-timers - remember the Albany - Siena game that ended in a brawl at Albany's gym? Probably around 1970. Albany led with about 1:30 to play and the refs called the game.


Then of course, the 1977 game at Siena's ARC - the final meeting because Siena went big time. The T-U article is hanging in my office as I type - "State Gets Last Laugh at Siena". Albany won 62-49. Doc's finest moment.


Best of Luck to the team and to us all.


King Dane, I most definitely remember the two games you are citing. They were some of my best UA basketball memories. It was always great to beat that arrogant team. Do you remember the game played at University Gym, also in the 1970's, which UA won by one point? Albany rallied late in the game. The fans were so into the game that -- as someone who was acquainted with the referees told me later -- the refs could not hear each other blow the whistle. Not before or since then have I seen so much support for an athletic team as at that game. Perhaps the time we hosted UVM in the league championship game comes close.

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Well..it's finally game day. Hopefully the team was used the past 5 days to get out of the funk they've been in recently. I think it'll be a tough game. Siena has enough weapons..and we're again battling home court advantage. The Saints are dealing with some injuries though. If I'm them..I crowd Rowley as much as possible and dare others to beat them..which they haven't been able to do much over the past couple weeks.


Pomeroy has us as a 7 point underdog..giving us a 22% chance of victory.


My guess: Siena 72 UAlbany 61

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Funny thing about FTs. UAlbany is actually hitting 71.3% of them this year. That's good for 2nd in the conference..behind UNH's 72.8%..and just about in the top 100 in the nation. It's just that the team has been so good at FT% for more than a decade that it seems like they're struggling. The team has only been below 70% once in the Will Brown era..64.5% in 2011. High water mark of 75.5% in 2012..good for 19th in country.

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BTW, any Siena fan claiming this UA's superbowl wile their school is going how wild on twitter with #beatalbany and selling beat Albany t-shirts is a complete imbecile..

Click it is so obvious LCc's Super Bowl . If and when LCC can play a normal home and home series then they can finally have a first fact that would point towards it not being LCc's Super Bowl ;)

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The latest from Siena board is that UA is trying to position themselves to get out of this game because UA knows their run is over and they may never win another game in this series. As in ever... Lol

Interesting take considering we have nine new players and really just one senior in the playing rotation. This is going to be a good game for quite a while (if the series continues!)

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