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Shouldn't have gone to OT. Albany was killing the clock with 25 seconds left when a cross-field pass behind the Yale net hit a defender and went out of bounds. The ref back there called it off Yale, but he was overruled by the ref at midfield, giving Yale the ball for their tying score 19 seconds later.


We won faceoffs 16-14. Most stats were close except Blaze had 14 saves to Eli's 8.


Yale is 44th of 68 teams in faceoff percent. Albany is 48th. Our last two opponents Siena is 51st, UMBC 67th.

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Massive win for Albany. Oakes with the winner. 14-13 in OT.


Can we now revive the question as to whether UA's men's lacrosse team should be considered a national powerhouse?


Well, YALE says we're a "national power" (and themselves too)



Still, until we make at least the Final Four a couple of times, we'll only be considered a second-level program; good, dangerous, but not really expected to contend for a championship.

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I'm with UAalum72 on this. My feeling is that the current team has enough talent that IF Blaze has a good game and IF they don't get smoked on face offs they can compete with anyone in the country (big IF on #2). Yes,

they will likely be ranked in the top 5. But beating Yale is not a signature win since UA just evened the series 6-6...so they've been competitive. National power measuring sticks are Syracuse, Virginia, Hopkins and Duke for

starters and basically most of the ACC. UA is something like 1-12 against SU. Until the team begins to win with some regularity against these LAX powers, especially in games that count, I'm not ready to anoint them. IMHO.

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In my OPINION; we ARE a national power. By Monday, we should be a top 4 team in two different decades {2007 & 2016}. We have beaten cuse and hopkins and our loses to them have mostly all been close games and several went to OT; and ALL on the road. I obviously have no way to prove it, but believe we'd we closer to .500 against them if they had come to Fallon ½ the time.

More POWER "proof:" We are now on our third straight senior class [Miles & Ty years, Lyles class, current] and finished with a top ten ranking. Not even mentioning the 2000's decade.

Some of you equate national power to final four appearances. I believe Loyola (whom we beat a year after their national championship) was never/rarely a final four team until they won in 2012. Does that mean the 2012 national champs were not a "national power"? Of the four teams you are holding us up to, only Duke has multiple national championships this decade; Virginia only one and cuse and hopkins NONE. In the previous decade Duke had NONE.

It is a new game now. I am NOT saying the old guard cuse, hopkins, maryland, virginia, princeton are dead. {while maybe princeton IS}; but they ARE NOT alone anymore as "national powers."

And in my humble opinion Albany is well qualified (and has the resumé) to be considered part of this new national power group. And by the way, we have as many national championships as notre dame? Are they also NOT a national power?

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9 year gap between Top 4 rankings, in my eyes, does not equate to a National Power.


A few more years of what we are doing...and, as JIMBO said, beating Top 10 team consistently, are what would equate to being a national power.


Currently, we are Gonzaga of the late 90's-early 2000's. Right there...but not there...yet.

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