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March will be the big reveal what we have.  The past group was fustrating to watch.  Sometimes you can have a great group of talent and they don't reach their potential.  Season should be interesting the Conference is the most wide open I can remember since when NU left.

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“I’m just so excited, honestly,” Lulka said earlier this week. “It’s just great to be here — and I came here to play.”

Glad we have players that are intense and appreciate things!  Maybe these guys will actually win a championship.

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I know like once every 4 years or something like that your allowed to play exhibition games in another country.  (Vermont is doing it now in Canada). I know we have done it before but it seems like more than 4 years ago. Anyone know why we are not doing this? Is it money ? With all the new comers this year it seems it would have been a perfect year to do it. 

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Have to admit, very excited for the season to start, mostly because of the unknown . I will say this,  that unless the transfers and upperclassman are wayyyy better , I would start at least 2 freshman if not 3 or 4. 

If Brooks or Clark does not hit the ground running then I would think Healy has a great shot to run the point . I know it will take shots away from him but we need someone out there and getting a freshman experience can only help later.

Lulka looks to be a starter from everything I have heard. 

De Sousa appears to be a great get by Albany and as long as he adds a little (or a lot) of strength and understands the defensive assignments I would be shocked if he does not see major minutes. 

Lastly I have seen Rizzuto play and he appears wise beyond his years. I think will be a very good player at Albany and has the skills (to me) to play right away. (If not maybe a redshirt )

If Hanks develops I could see him really helping us down the line. 

Not sure about Nikola. Was going to be much better school (Conference) and they seemed to be high on him.  Maybe he can help right away. I think he will be 20 years old soon so I can't see a redshirt coming his way. 


Would be curious to see what people think our starting 5 will be out of the gate. 

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33 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

Would be curious to see what people think our starting 5 will be out of the gate. 

I just tried to make a prediction for you, and my first run had Campbell starting at the 4 so DeSousa can play the 3, Clark at the point, Healy at SG, and Lulka as the PF/C

Then I tried to figure out who would be the first off the bench and things started to make absolutely zero sense to me, so I do not think a prediction with any accuracy could be made:

Miller started a bunch of games at UMass, Flory started getting PT at Seton Hall before the end of the year. WB spoke real highly about Brooks on the radio the other day. With the size available Lauderdale, French, and Hank, it's hard to believe they don't get into games. Although Rizzuto probably could play right away, he is probably a red shirt candidate. Jerotic is fairly highly touted, but I know almost nothing about him, and at 20 I don't see a red shirt happening. Brown mentioned 2 surgeries already (Starks who is gone) 1 that the player should be ready by October, and he said one that is potentially really bad if the player needs it, but he didn't say who they were. 

So many questions marks at this point. Team could be real deep and good, real deep and average, or Brown could decide to only play 7 guys again. We need Radio Shack for answers!


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