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1) I really miss Albany. I'm a nostalgic person and seeing BoFo on TV + the CDTA/SEFCU commercials REALLY made me miss home.

2) That's about all that can be said. Okay, okay, I'll try. The defense was alright.

JUC looks like his monster year was a due to the caliber of WR's he had. He looked mediocre in the spring and looks mediocre now. OLine can't open anything for Morfor. Coaching makes no adjustments. How many times did Hill run after a fake handoff? Like 20 times? I knew it was coming each time but our kids didn't. Who's coaching them?

Looking like another long year in the making.

And agree with D96 on Gattuso. It's time to send him packing. Benson too. I know it's peoples livelihoods we're talking about but...enough is enough.

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The good news was the defense played well.  A lot of new faces getting involved on both the defensive line and the secondary.


The not so good news:

Undercuffler had happy feet a lot.  Most of the time there was pressure but a few times it looked like he was just anticipating the pressure before it actually got to him.  In my opinion, the offensive line continues to struggle - no holes for Mofor and no time for Undercuffler.  I did notice Parris Heath was out of uniform so he’s probably injured,  I also don’t see that Kevin Singer played so he might be injured as well - they were both talked about as starters coming into the season.

Special Teams struggled again.  Two bad field goal attempts - couldn’t tell if the issues were bad snaps or issues with the hold but we’re not good enough to have mistakes like that.  We also can’t give up punt returns for touchdowns.  Lastly, we have no return threat - our strategy is to just fair catch the ball. The punter, Ralls, struggled in the spring but he’s had a very good first few games - so that’s the one special teams bright spot.

So, on to Syracuse.



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A few tidbits: GG said in the paper that the two snaps were good...the holder just dropped it. Mofor eked out about 89 yards, which considering the “blocking”, was quite an accomplishment. Did you all see that incredible spin move on URI’s punt return TD? That coverage guy is gonna suffer this week because it’ll probably run over and over in the film room. Trying to tackle a bunch of air. Did you know Coby Tippet, who ran back the punt, is the son of NFL HOF member Andre Tippet? He’s got a motor and moves. 

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Left at the start of the 4th quarter because my son wasn't feeling well after a track meet and then an 8am practice today.


Positives: attendance was actually great at 8k+ .... The students came out in force.

After the 1st quarter the defense actually came together and played well.

Negatives: what to say that hasn't already been said. OLine couldn't stop a high school team. Special teams left us all scratching our heads. Play calling seemed as week as I have seen since we knew Sussman was gonna run it whenever he entered the game.

Team has potential to be good, but I'm gonna say that this is not a playoff team unless something can change before the next CAA game.

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Rhode Island isn't a terrible team and the score was low. It played pretty well against NDSU. Without the turnovers, it probably would have held that juggernaut under 20 points. (The line on that game was 25.5).

I'm not worried about the Defense. Mofor was non existent in game 1, and although he played ok in this game, it was still statistically below his averages. There are some nice pieces receiving. Cuff looks pretty good on a lot of plays. To me it all seems to be if the line is able to open holes and protect the qb. Right now they aren't and it's not allowing the any rhythm. Coaching staff needs to adjust the play calling knowing this or needs to improve the lines play. Maybe more no-huddle? They had some success with that in this game. 


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Why do they insist on running between the tackles?

Why do they insist on using only one running back? Fresh legs and a change of pace might be helpful. 

Why does it take them three quarters before deciding to throw to the tight ends? 

 Is the team incapable of running stretch plays?

 Where are swing passes to Mofor?

For all his prowess as a passer, JUC is pretty much of a dud as a runner. He makes Eli Manning look like Usain Bolt. Carino  provides a spark when he’s in, but the other team KNOWS why he’s in...QB keeper. We’ve not had a legit dual threat QB in a long time. 

The OLine has to get better as time wears on....doesn’t it? 

Alexander seems to our only legit deep option...and is a Freshman...and he dropped a huge pass to end a drive. Where’s the new recruits?

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