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Anyone else going to the massacre at Storrs


I'll be there knowing that we can not win but hoping for a good showing - whatever that might be.



Yes. I will be at both games in Storrs on Saturday

What's the second game?


Syracuse vs Iowa st.

The winner of our game plays the winner of that game on Monday

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Can someone please tell me how we are the last seed in the tournament when the following teams are seeded higher - with a lower team rpi and lower conference rpi:


keep in mind that we have a 113 rpi


n mex st 137

hampton 151

tx southern 169

robert morris 181

unc ashville 197


sure, they can use geography as an excuse, but is it far fetched for Robert Morris to go to CT and for us to go to Notre Dame to play? it can't be just geography - iowa st is playing in bridgeport, texas a&m and penn are playing at UCLA, oregon is playing at UNC....I can go on and on....


by the way, not only are we the last seed but new mexico st and hampton are 15 seeds, not 16 seeds. We have been to the tournament SIX straight times and beat a 4 seed last year.


Honestly, this is a joke.

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It is a joke and I believe that the selection committee for both the men and women, every year, should owe teams that inquire a full written explanation of their seed.


U can't tell me that something is not going on behind the scenes. If u don't think so, I have a bridge to sell you....

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I think '72 explained it well yesterday. Objectively..we probably profiled more as a 16 than a 14. From there..geography is often the main factor. That's how it's played out in the past with the America East/UConn seeding history..and that's how it played out this year.


Some 'respect' for the 6th consecutive NCAA bids and the win over Florida last year would be nice..but I'm thinking the NCAA/Selection Committee saves their decisions based on respect for the BCS and other major programs..not mid-majors, unfortunately.


If there's anything 'going on behind the scenes'..I think it's just that the committee doesn't really care to ignore geography in order to try to seed the last dozen or so teams in the tournament 'perfectly.' The NCAA pays for travel for the teams in the tournament, right?

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I just listed 5 teams that are not even close to us in terms of RPI and league RPI. That said, I am not really arguing about our seed - I am arguing about being the LAST seed playing the FIRST seed. The worst team in the tournament should be required to play the best team. We are not, by far, the WORST team or the least deserving team in this tournament. If it was close, I could then see the geographic issue playing a deciding role. However, that is not the case. And teams seems to be flying all over the country to play. Further, you have to give some credence to our track record - we are not first timers to the dance. Like I said, if it was close, I get it....but this, to me, makes a mockery of their system.

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The seeding sucks, and I am thinking it would be an upset if the ladies lose by less than 30, but there is at least some positives: They are getting lots of press from the funny the reaction. businessinsider.com had a feature on it, and it went a little viral.



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I agree. This seed is a supreme insult. So much for taking down Florida last year. Yes, I know this team is not as good as last year's, but it seems the selection committee almost went out of its way to show disrespect. I hope this development really fires the team up to make it respectable.

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The UConn women's basketball forum - https://the-boneyard.com/forums/uconn-womens-basketball.4/


Mark McGuire was pointing out the other day that Albany has a longer conference championship streak than UConn does. Our six straight championships to their four straight.

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