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Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

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2 hours ago, Phoenix said:

So..we just need more advertising. Or cheaper tickets. Or better in-game promotions. Or beer in the seats. Or arena renovations. :D

I say win baby win. 

haha amen, winning is all that matters. I just wouldn't waste much money on advertising. I have no idea what the numbers are, but I think you already have your core fans in the area and it's not going to expand much without buzz for the team or buzz for the home atmosphere. Easier said than done, but if you get the students you get the home atmosphere that makes a difference.

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Well, if we want arena renovations then we need two things:

1. Butts in the seats to require more space

2. Money

Butts in the seats = Money

Money comes from the ticket sales obviously, but more importantly butts in the seats means more value to corporate donations and sponsorships.

I did my part by convincing my company to become a sponsor last season (and hopefully this season, not yet approved). The school can only do so much with the resources they have. The point of this thread (and earlier versions from past seasons) was to see if we, as in the fanbase that's rabid enough to read an post on a message board, could come up with ideas to share with the school that might help increase attendance. We can't all make donations in the 5-7 figure range, but we can do our part to help grow the program. 

I am sure we have others on this board that can suggest to their companies to sponsor the program, that's a start.

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  • 2 months later...

Vermont Trustees committee passes gym rebuild, full Board approval expected tomorrow.

with Lowell able to play in the Tsongas Center, Maine at the Cross Center, and UNH’s Lundholm having got new bleachers in 2007, SEFCU will be only a couple of years newer than Hartford for the oldest arena in the league. 
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I've been seeing the "Seven Saturdays in Sefcu" promo alot (I think my coffee maker displayed it this morning.) I really, really wish they would have put Albany Cup Champions in that ad somewhere. Actually, not just somewhere, everywhere.

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On 10/26/2018 at 9:36 PM, Eli said:

A winning culture will only go so far so long... 

UA needs to give Brown some major facilities face lifts. 

UVM is on the one yard line to build this...At this point almost everyone is going to have MUCH nicer facilities. This WILL reflect on the recruiting trail. I really hope Benson continues to make progress on the arena plans because right now with nothing available publicly we are dangerously close to falling way behind. 



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Only a matter of time before UBMC, UVM and SBU plus others start to eat UA's lunch. With facilities like these Albany is gonna have a hard time competing.


I used to hear at least rumors about renovations to SEFCU...last 6-9 month's complete dead silence. Not sure there are any active plans left.


Still unclear as to what is included in the renovation of Physical Education building at a total cost of almost 50 million according to State University Construction fund site. That number appears to be very large for a renovation of a building that isn't that huge sqf wise. 



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5 hours ago, Clickclack said:

Only a matter of time before UBMC, UVM and SBU plus others start to eat UA's lunch. With facilities like these Albany is gonna have a hard time competing.




Facilities are important but they aren't a magic ticket. Event Vermont fans would probably tell you they have the worst arena in the AE but they've still been the marquee program in the conference for the past decade. Iona is probably the same. They have a middle of the pack MAAC arena and still managed to own that conference.

That said, I'll take a nice Sefcu upgrade...

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1 hour ago, UA'08 said:

Save money and move football back to the  NEC!

Doesn’t save money to move to the NEC.  I don’t know why these ridiculous posts continue.  Football issue is coaching.  Not money. The money would be the same with less buy games.  

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