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What is it with Hartford and us now? They play harder and want it more just like the bball game. Think we peaked too early after seeing the UMBC game and now this game. Now we sweat out Sundays show at 9pm.

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How many years is Marr going to waste not getting a face off guy worth a damn?


I love Coach Marr...really do. But how is it that you have built this program so much, but this one thing is never solved? I mean seriously...NEVER!


How this is not the #1 recruiting priority is beyond me

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Ornstein had been doing well coming into the game..but that was a blunt reminder that he's a freshman going up against the number one face-off specialist in the country. And he proved why.


Sucks to lose out on a home game in the first round..but everything I've seen has us having already locked-up an at-large. Hopefully the team takes this game to figure out what their issues have been the pat two games. and turn it into an NCAA Tournament run.

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Not to be negative, but all the other conference tournaments must go chalk for UA to even have a shot. Brown and Yale has to advance to the finals, MD and Denver need to win as well.


The committee hasn't given Albany any respect the last three years either as they were sent all the way out to Denver in 13, put up against the #1 ranked Loyola in 14, and snubbed of a home game last year.

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after that loss last night how can UA expect to get any respect or considered upper echelon....to continually lose games because we cant win a face-off does not sit well...we can have all the offense we want but at the end of the day we have to be able to stop someone when we are ahead....still haven't gotten over blowing that 5 goal lead to ND.....as annoyed about that game as I was for any hoops game too..

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Seems like the pressure of the America East winning streak and reading press articles about the team had got to them. Considering the barstoolsports.com pics/articles, I figured they'd be the most relaxed group out there. Below is the post game quote from Blaze.



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The second half of the umbc game and last night looks like we hit a Wall. It seemed to me we were a step slow all night. On several occasions we had a reasonable chance of picking up a ground ball, only to give up on it and settling back into defense. It was almost like the defense did not want to gamble and/or make a mistake. Offensively, the same thing. They seemed much too deliberate and when they did shoot, they seemed afraid to miss and hence did so. Twice we had hartfords goalie out of the net, and instead of taking a shot into a basically empty net, we seemed content to reset the offense.

I know it is a cliché, but we played NOT TO LOSE, rather than to win; and when you play like that, well bad things happen.


I agree with those who say we gave up on Ornstein too early; but I DO NOT agree with those who say we no longer deserve a bid. A one goal overtime loss does NOT negate all the good things this team has done this year. Especially in one & out tournaments where a bad bounce one way or another is so magnified. {One of hartford's goals looked like the guy totally fanned on the shot and threw it straight into the ground, except it bounced high with back spin right into the goal.} Likewise, OT wins @ yale & umbc do not necessarily define our season. Like most sports, lacrosse is a game of inches and to define our season by last nights game in my OPINION is wrong and I feel/hope the ncca agrees with me and not the naysayers.


Lastly, playing the part of "Poly-Anna" (which I have often done on this blog), perhaps the loss turns into a blessing. Without having to play Saturday, UA can get a little rest, refocus and push through the "Wall." [Of course, I and they would have preferred to be playing tomorrow.]

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