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Game #24: 2/4/23 - 3PM vs Vermont


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3 hours ago, classof95 said:

It's gonna be -7 degrees on Friday night. Miracle on ice!!

This reminds me of the championship game in Burlington that me and my, at the time GF now wife, went too. Man it had to be like -20. But we had THE BEST pizza at American Flatbread Burlington Hearth right next to a cracking fire where they make the pizzas. SO good.

I'm going to be in Albany next week for a funeral and I'm not necessarily looking forward to the brutal cold. I was hoping to get an early flight on Saturday to catch UVM give us a beat down but alas I will be in the air and will miss this loss.

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On 2/2/2023 at 9:00 AM, Eli said:

ESPN says we have a 15.2% of winning and all I gotta say is:


The Times Union, posted below stated our beloved Deputy AD Vic Cegles and Trey Hutcheson gave a lesson on what the UVM rivalry means.  I suspect Trey put a brave face on however, what in the blank could the Ruthers grad Vic Cegles and a big part of the 1-12 record since he has joined UAlbany bring to the table other than a dah, :" let's go out and win this for the coach."



Hutcheson gives lesson on rivalry


By Abigail Rubel

UAlbany vs. Vermont

■› When: 3 p.m. Saturday

■› Where: McDonough Sports Complex, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy

■› Stream: ESPN+

■› Radio: WTMM 104.5 FM

James Franco / Times Union

UAlbany senior Trey Hutcheson has been at UAlbany longer than anyone else on the team, including the coaching staff.

ALBANY — At only 22, Trey Hutcheson is the “old man” of University at Albany men’s basketball.

The senior guard/forward has been at UAlbany since 2019, longer than anyone else on the team or coaching staff.

“It’s kind of fun. Coach (Dwayne Killings) calls me the ‘Old Man’ all the time, but I’ve just been here for a while, so I’ve seen more stuff just about the program than other guys have,” Hutcheson said.

Thus, it fell to him and deputy athletic director Vic Cegles to explain the importance of the Vermont-UAlbany rivalry to the rest of the team before the Great Danes (6-18, 1-8 America East) host the Catamounts (12-10, 6-2) at 3 p.m. Saturday.

“We kind of experienced it with the Siena game earlier, I told them, but this is similar to that, but we get to play Vermont twice a year, and it’s been going on for the last 20 years,” Hutcheson said. “I’ve been through games like that, I know how those games are … and it’s kind of cool to be able to share those stories with them.”

He was sharing knowledge given to him by former assistant coaches Jon Iati and Jerrad Knotts, both of whom battled with Vermont for America East titles as players and coaches.

“They just kind of passed it on and instilled it in me my freshman year how big of a rivalry it was, and just kind of trying to instill in these guys just how big of a game it’s going to be for the school, for the program, and just Albany,” Hutcheson said.

“I thought the message really hit home. You could feel it with the way that practice started today,” Killings said.

UAlbany has won once in the past six years, a 63-62 victory in Burlington in January of 2021 that snapped a nine-game losing streak against the Catamounts. Hutcheson, then a sophomore, played 10 minutes with no points and a rebound. C.J. Kelly carried the team with 27 points, Jarvis Doles added 10 points and Jamel Horton had eight points and a team-high nine rebounds. Will Brown was the head coach.

It felt “amazing,” Hutcheson said. “That’s the only time I beat them, and I hope that it doesn’t stay that way.”

Hutcheson has been dealing with a back injury but will play Saturday, Killings said.

Despite Vermont’s recent dominance, it remains a strong rivalry, according to Vermont coach John Becker.

“In order to have a rivalry, both teams have to beat each other and beat each other in championship games,” he said. “That history is still there.”

The most memorable UAlbany-Vermont matchup for him is one Great Danes fans won’t want to be reminded of: the 2017 championship game in which Vermont completed an undefeated America East season with a 56-53 win, dealing UAlbany its first loss in a title game.

Becker was planning to talk to his team about the history with UAlbany Saturday morning before shootaround. The Catamounts have seven new players: four freshmen and three transfers.

Two-time Player of the Year Ryan Davis graduated, but his shoes have been filled by fifth-year guard Robin Duncan, who is averaging 8.2 points and a team-high 6.9 rebounds per game. He has a league-best 2.9 assist to turnover ratio.

“He’s having a historic season as far as just how he’s playing on both ends of the ball and how consistent he’s been and how tough he’s been,” Becker said.

In addition to the meaning imbued by the rivalry, the Great Danes badly need a win. They’re on a six-game losing streak after falling at UMass Lowell on Wednesday. And more than anyone else on the team, Hutcheson knows a win won’t come easy.

“It’s always just a physical and intense game. They’re going to talk to us, we’re going to talk to them. They’re going to hit you, we’re going to hit them. It’s just a really physical game, really high-level basketball,” he said.

▶› Abigail.Rubel@timesunion.com @abigail_rubel

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This team with recruits and the return of injured players is no better than. 6th place team next year.  Y’all who try to be positive can keep burying your heads in the sand.  

the coaching is abjectly awful.  Terrible hire.  End discussion.  Team may have some talent collected but it does not know how to play as a team, with strategy, and is Divisikn 2 mid level.  Our early d1 teams were not this bad because they at least played within a system even though they lacked talent and had some poor w/l years.  

this is pitiful.  And remember this: the America East is not a good league this year. 

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As we have also said, the basketball IQ is a hair above zero.  Last possession proves it.  Shot clock off, get the final shot of the half, right?  Nope, not UA.  Take a shot with 7 sec to go, missed as usual,  and UVM almost hit a easy three.  Mind boggling. 

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Well, a lot more alumni, who may not have yet seen this sorry excuse for a D-1 team, have now witnessed it up close and personal. Can imagine what they were thinking and saying on their way out of HVCC today. We are staring full steam ahead at a 1-15 AE record as our coach (?) continues to run a once good program right into the ground. Although it probably won’t happen, I will continue to hope and pray that he is gone, one way or another, after this disaster of a season. 

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Since I'm the guy who is always too positive and I definitely have my head in the sand after this game, I won't comment on any of the game action, as there wasn't much to be positive about. That said, I can say that Marcus Jackson is now officially my favorite player on this team. Anyone who will set a play to intentionally get to Sullivan is a hero in my book. Not sure why, but I have never been able to stand that kid. I'm nice to everyone. Can normally get along with everyone. If anything I'm too positive. That kid can get hit with hard fouls all day in my book. Go Jackson!

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