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I was told that season ticket holders can purchase on Monday( including additional seats) and general public can purchase beginning Tuesday. Any season ticketholder who does not buy his/her season's seats by Wednesday will have them released for sale to the general public.

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Here's an email season ticket holders received today:


Congratulations go out to our Men’s Basketball Team for winning their semifinal game in Binghamton on Sunday and bringing the Championship Game back to the RACC on March 11th at 12:00 p.m. We hope to see all of you at the game supporting our team as they play for a NCAA Tournament Berth on ESPN2. Although this is an America East managed event, we have been able to put your season tickets on hold. On Monday, starting at 9:00 a.m. the Great Danes Boxoffice will be contacting each season ticket holder to confirm their ticket order for the Championship Game.




Tickets will be $25 for Reserved Seats, $30 for Chairback Seats, and $40 for Courtside Seats. Tickets will go on sale to Season Ticket Holders on Monday at 9:00 A.M. and your seats will be reserved until Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. At that time, all unreserved season tickets will be released to the General Public. Non-Season Tickets will go on sale to the General Public on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. If you have any questions please call the boxoffice at (518) 442-4683. Thank you for your support over the years and for being part of UAlbany History in the making. GO GREAT DANES!!!

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Can you believe we're gonna be on national television at home. ESPN2 is going to be at the RACC. This is going to be so awesome. - UAlbany09

UA has made major strides in a very short period of time ... wow! ... that ride home from bing tonight was so much better than returns from previous AE tournaments :D

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Great Weekend couldn't have asked for a better 48 hrs.


Highlights of the weekend


1. Game one seeing Jordan come alive and leading with 22pts giving us our first post season win in DI


(BTW UMBC Pep Band nice people, great sounding the reason why they are so good is because there Jazz Band members all play in the Pep Band.)


2. The night in Binghamton staying with the Band was nice, even though the Quality Inn was in an interesting location, next to a liquor store, and a life insurance office, in the middle of a hill town. Man I gotta say I never wanted to go to Binghamton, so I didn't even look at the school but dam it is boring as all hell.


3. Game Two or sorry the Bing v.s. UVM game where do I begin (This was the first time I ever chanted UVM without another word coming after it). First those Bing fans have got to learn a lesson about getting the refs on their side. In a large group calling the refs an A-Hole is not the best way in which to help your team. I thought this school was for smart kids, clearly good academic grades can only measure a few things. But anyways moving away from talking about the Cornell Rejects. I was definitely surprised by how Binghamton shot themselves in the foot, the intentional and then tech fouls one after the other it was rather sad. You could say the refs made some bad calls and I would agree, but Bing still lost composure and they still are horrible at Free Throws. UVM on the other hand Mike Trimboli has got to be an early favorite for POY next year along with Jamar.

I think beating UNH today was made easier by Vermont winning, because if Binghamton had won then I'm sure the majority of the Bing Zoo, or whatever there student section is called would have stayed. But again they didn't and it was like having a home away from home game. I think the only UNH fans that showed up were the parents of the players. It was sort of sad but understandable in a way.


4. Game Three I guess UA v.s. UNH, all I have to say is third times the charm, was very happy to hear that we were facing UNH. We really played as a team and that’s what championship teams do. The chant at the beginning of the game regarding one more home game, pretty much summed it up. I can't wait to be there next Saturday.


5. Lastly a funny story, on the way home we stopped for some food, we pulled into the McDonalds and there was a Subway across the street. So not wanting to wait in a long line for a Big Crappy (Big Mac), I go to subway, and to my amazement there was no bread. What sort of Subway or Sub place runs out of bread? Anyways my favorite part about this experience was that as soon as I leave the store, the two buses of students who came to Bing for the UA game, come rushing in into the subway. I guess the moral of the story is if you work at a fast food restaurant, yes I consider Subway fast food. Always have your main ingredient available at all times because you never know when 100 people will come in asking for food.


Again Great weekend and I can't wait till Saturday, hopefully we will be partying afterwards. Oh and since this is a thread about Tickets to make this relevant, this isn't unusual for American East to charge admission whenever we have hosted a Volleyball or Lacrosse championship students are required to pay. Usually they were between 3-10 bucks, it sucks but considering the level of importance of the event its worth it. Plus there will be more of a demand, I'm sure the Mayor will be there, UVM I believe gets 700 tickets or something, also all the families and friends, and the tickets reserved for students, season ticket holders. It might be standing room only, if the fire Marshall doesn’t come. I wouldn't be surprised if this sells out in 24 hrs.

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$10.00 for students? thats baloney




I work for a MAC school and thats a typical price for student tickets. Just be happy that it's $10 and not $30 like other people have to pay. I mean just be happy you have to pay for a ticket and not watching the game on ESPN2 with two other teams playing.

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Courtside seats have sold out.


I bought a couple extra tickets and the 'best available' chairbacks were in row X.


Also, for those of us who had them, the RACC parking lot will be 'pay only' - regular season parking passes do not apply.

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Does anyone know when students are allowed to buy tickets? Can we get them tomorrow morning along with everyone else?



Anyone have any info on how many tix are still available? Should I go down there Tuesday morning or risk it by trying to get through on the phone?

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