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our bracketbuster foe is.....

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I hope its not on 360. I don't think we can get it on RoadRunner because Time Warner doesn't ESPN for it.


Anyone know how it works?


ESPN is asking TimeWarner to make it free, part of Road Runner service and Time Warner wants it to be a service you have to pay for. Kind of like paying for higher teer service, I don't see this dispute being ironed out any time soon. Those with Verizon DSL have 360, if I understand this correctly.

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Looking at the ESPN networks schedules for that Friday.

ESPN2 has a Bracketbuster game at 7:00pm and ESPNU has a Bracketbuster game at 9:00pm

My bet is that alum93 is correct and we will be playing at 9pm - on ESPNU

Not a bad deal at all

So that leaves 2 questions

1) Bob87 are you going to Boise?


2) Who will be at the Across the Street Pub?


Alum73 is correct. The game is on either the U or the duece.

I have been working the computer the last half hour since getting back from the pub. Have yet to find a flight for a reasonable price. If you can get me there for $400 or less I will be at the game. Otherwise will be watching it on TV.

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well i found a roundtrip deal of $429 (that is including taxes)...only problem is you would have to leave from JFK. Much more expensive if you leave out of Albany.


This is great and it sucks all at the same time!


It is nice to play a team with the higher RPI and the National TV game.


However the downside is that after I went and got permission from MsBlueHen to have the weekend off for drinking and basketball with the boys (provided I was back by Sunday morning and functioning) I can't make the trip to Idaho. It’s just too far!


Hopefully we will be on the Deuce and not The Ocho (ESPNU) and I'll be here on the Island kicking back with my boys watching the game on my couch.


Either way, SSS!


I know that some of you crazy boys and girls will be making the homage, $543 round trip from New York LaGuardia with a stopover in O'Hare (9 1/2 hour total travel time) and one night hotel looks like the best deal right now. It is all jets (737-500) on United, no turbo prop planes (We saw what happened to Buddy Holly).


Have a blast and have a Baked Potato fully loaded for me (with your Burrito Supreme at the Taco Bell Arena)!

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It's on the ocho


Now I have to find a bar with Dish/Direct TV. I'll have to go to a bar for drinking and Danes, I'm very sad now....


The subpar cable provider that is Cablevision does not have the Ocho.



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I suspect there will be something at the Pub as there was last year. Should be a lot of fun.


Maybe not the team we were hoping for but hard to complain about a game on ESPN. Also playing a better conference historically than the CAA has been. Six days off before the game and five days after should offset the travel (I hope).


Three great weekends to look forward to:

2/3 BPG

2/11 Vermont

2/16 Bracketbusters

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