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Stadium: Architecture, Engineering, and Design AWARDED!

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It's been a really mild fall... Even if they start in February... It can't be ready by September can it?

The playing field itself won't take over two months...how much of the grandstands you need to open is the question, how many resources you put into building them. You could even open with temporary bleachers if you wanted to.



Meanwhile, across town Siena builds reputation with planned additions to their basketball facilities, also "The school also has hired three new employees in its athletic department — a director of student-athlete engagement and two box office managers, who will move basketball ticket operations from Times Union Center onto campus"

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What's this about 45% of the financing is now coming from private donors? What happened to 25%? Is this why we haven't announced the final approval? I'm just so pissed after watching that SBU game. They get $22M from the state and UAlbany is going to have to pay its own way?





The universities hope successful football programs will engage students, generate publicity and foster pride among alumni (who might donate money). Stony Brook claims a marked increase in contributions to its athletic department since 2003, and Albany Athletic Director Lee McElroy said that 45 percent of the financing for the new stadium would come from donors.




As of October 2011 President Philip said that it was 25%. If things have changed to 45% thats new.. or maybe McElroy was misinformed.

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A response from SUNY's Facebook.




The State University of New York wrote: "Patrick Flandreau-A football stadium is currently in the works for UAlbany




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Couple of things:


No...this does not help us; it seems to be targeted at stimulus $$$ projects that they can grab Fed money on. Those projects must be shovel ready. By doing a design-build...they can go one step shorter. These are DOT, FHWA and DEC projcts.


Second, the commentator, at the end of the article, asks for a reasoning why these are only authorized for three years; the reason is because they are FRICKIN DANGEROUS AS HELL. When you do a design-build, you do reduce the ability of a contractor to point the finger at the designer and vice-versa. However, you also don't have oversight of program management...generally speaking. That...allows for corruption, fraud and shoddy workmanship.


The Governor was very smart to limit this...and also very smart to authorize it for these needy projects on a case-by-case basis; my guess is they will have enough manpower from the State to oversee theses specific projects.

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I'll go one further. I don't think we'll play a single 2012 game in the new digs. Personally I would be fine with that outcome if I knew what was going on in the process. Just a bit of transparency to the process. We don't know if this is a one month delay or a one year delay... or even if the entire project is at risk.


Zero transparency.

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Somebody on this blog must know somebody in admin with some answers. I simply do not understand why all the secrecy. The stadium can not be built incognito. Who the H#$L are they afraid of? The naysayers must be confronted eventually regardless. Does the administration really think some disgruntled neighbor or french professor are not going to notice it being built? (if it ever it is).


Has silence, secrecy and lack of transparency helped or only DELAYED the "Stadium", even more???

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Keeping with the secrecy theme.

IF I had information that all bids are complete and the selecting of construction firms (target end of February) was all that remained before starting. And IF this information is accurate, for those of you with construction, contract law and architectural experience what would it mean?

i.e. When would we be able to play/see a game in this "fictitious" stadium?

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